January 20th, 2006

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Link, pink, think.

Via theferrett, with attention to sithjawa: Iraqi Invasion: A Text Misadventure

trdsf has created Superdickery: Superman, really being a dick! Some of the cover scans are very, very out-there. Goodness.

Wednesday on the bus some random guy who was about 2 hours out of the Big House complimented me on the cape. At length. Social weirdness forgiven under the circumstances, because this is Arizona and it seems like everybody knows somebody who's been in for something, and it's quite evidently a different culture in there, and he'd been in for a while. So culture shock, a little.

The dude pointed out that there are a lot of people who would like to wear a screaming pink velvet cloak around. It's just that not very many people have the balls to do so. And he commended me for having the balls to do so. And on the one hand, courage and life compliments from someone who has made a mistake serious enough to get caught and locked up for it may be worth taking with a grain of salt, but it was an honest compliment, and I really did make his day. That was some genuine honest-to-Eris happiness that entered his life, not something based on the whatever-it-was at the bottom of his buddy's shopping bag that they were engaged in piling stuff on top of so that it wouldn't be easily seen should they encounter some of the Law for whatever reason.

I have temporary wheels for the next ten weeks or so. I was not at all expecting this, and so I got the Finance Crunch that happens when paying 2 1/2 months of insurance payments without preparation. I can and will muddle through somehow, but I will probably Grumble to myself (and perhaps bystanders). I'll try to cut & warn if I do so on here.

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I could have declined the offer, and she could have found someone else to carsit, but I had a nagging feeling that I'd need wheels, and the nagging feeling only intensified after a few of the things that have been popping up to stress me out.

There's nothing even close to definite yet, just a vague stirring and a determination, but I have fallen in love with San Francisco and fallen in love hard. It would be really nice if I could move to the Bay Area at some point during the next few years. Figuring out how to make that one work will be my next trick. The Figment asked me what was tying me to Phoenix. We'll see what.

It came up in conversation, so I explained to trystan_laryssa the difference between the Wished-For Relationship and the Forever Relationship with Darkside.

I hold as possible the thought that I could form a primary romantic relationship with someone who is not Darkside. Stop laughing. I could. Collapse )
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More disk copy fun. This is actually mentally engaging because I can sort the content. Memory dumped again. Ow.
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Freudian Nasal Stage

Have introduced the "nasal stage" as a level of Freudian psychology that Freud missed to Management (and everyone else left in the cube farm).

The Nasal stage of childhood is that period of toddler curiousity that leads to attempting to stick everything up the nose. Freud might have lumped it in with Oral, because some of it winds up in the mouth as well, but I think that the Nasal stage is something completely different.

It's not about deriving comfort from mouthing something, it's about finding out about the world via that immensely sensitive instrument, the nose.

Children smacked down in the nasal stage are uncurious and neophobic later in life, and don't care to learn things. They may have a horror of snot and other bodily substances. They may be utterly indifferent to smell, which could lead to a certain level of Personal Stank through inappropriate personal scents of either an artificial or bodily nature.

Children not given enough guidance in the nasal stage are inappropriately curious, and will either wear too much perfume on the grounds that it smells good to them, not do anything to curb a rampant body odor on the grounds that they want to smell like themselves and they don't mind it, put weird stuff up their nose in adulthood (snorting drugs, Homer Simpson and his crayon) or be obsessed with gathering knowledge to an unhealthy extent (malicious or overly familiar gossip, prying into things they know are none of their concern, or, in extreme cases, Mad Scientist Syndrome). Snot jokes are funny to these people. Computer security crackers did not get enough ethical structure during their Nasal stage.

Children who have healthily exited the Nasal Stage remain curious about the world as adults, but know when to stop in the search for information.

I was talking this over with trystan_laryssa last night, see. And hcolleen during the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster thing, and hcolleen, kilarneyblarney, azwriter, M, and V at freshstartwrite on Wednesday night.
Great fun was had by all.

Then Management noticed what I think was actually my lotion, and remarked that I smelled particularly nice today. I wasn't sure whether it was the lotion, another of a wide range of toiletries, or my un-brewed tea bag in my cup. She urged Blood Pressure Cuff Manager (who wears a combination elbow brace/blood pressure cuff/something-or-other monitor) to sniff me. There was much hilarity involved in the subsequent discussion of "any plan that involves sniffing an employee is probably a bad one," whereupon I broke out the Freud.
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E-mail ack!

jdllama, xinef: Y! bounced e-mails to you guys. Not entirely sure why. I perhaps may have the wrong addresses?

*sigh* Life is life, eh?
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Disks! And the other hazards of work!

I thought the disk project was over! But Management was going through her file drawer for whatever reason, and she noticed another HUGE box of disks. These were all of a specific work form, rather than a mixed bag, and they are all labeled tidily and appropriately.

This makes things unimaginably easier. Now instead of having to label all the disks in coherent sequence, I have to just sort the disks to copy to the correct chronological folder.

Management acknowledges that this has to be a bit tedious, and hoped out loud that I had a book or something to keep me entertained in between disks. Hee. She also told me to be sure and get up to stretch and to and get some human contact every now and then.

LJ-via-e-mail and Pandora count as human contact, right?