January 27th, 2006

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Day of Remembrance

Apollo 1. Challenger. Columbia.

I hadn't known that the last Thursday in January is the Day of Remembrance for NASA, but I know now.

Being a space case was sort of mandatory, the way I was raised.

I suppose I probably ought to say something really deep, but my sinuses hurt. So instead I'll say that there are rumors that May looks good for a launch.

The only fitting memorial is fixing things and going back up.
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princess of the night, and ruler of all she surveys...

Whole lot of randomness that didn't belong in the last post.

Stopped crying after the videos all stopped working and I closed the site. It took a while, though. Lunatic owner's manual says that aftercare for a sobbing, crying Lunatic involves serious decongestant love, or else the Lunatic will be sick for a week.

Work today was certain forms of chaos. Was scheduled to monitor, but the Check-In Princess went home before the shift started. I muddled along in blissful ignorance of this and Obso1337 Super did check-in stuff, but when I emerged around 5 to pick up a minus report, they spied me and shanghaied me into doing check-in stuff.

I checked my work e-mail and discovered that the big long epic e-mail I'd written about the Dendarii Brewing Company Survey (problems therewith) got summarized almost in its entirety and sent on to the client, along with suggested actions to fix same. The same list got distributed to the entire field staff with suggestions to write up something to fix two of the front-of-the-survey issues. I was instructed to hold down the phones in the bullpen while everybody else took lunch. I skimmed through that message, and proceeded to decide that, well, since Stressy College Chick was probably going to delegate it to me anyway, so I might as well write an addition to the intro pre-emptively, and just submit it to her for approval when she came off lunch.

Week before last, I won a pair of bus tickets from the women's center. Last week I evidently won another pair. I didn't put my name in the drawing this week. I should next week, just to see what happens. That's a rather lot of good bus karma I've built up there!

I have a meeting with some member of Management tomorrow half an hour after I get in. My opposite and Homie G Super are going to be there as well. I have no idea what it's about. I hope it's a good-to-neutral thing. It should be, because I'm not aware of screwing anything up lately.

Have fallen in love with the J-Pop band Two-Mix. I fell in love with their music sometime back in 2001, but this makes it official. I've been happily bopping around to everything I've found so far, and my abdominal muscles are not thanking me at the moment, but I'm keeping going, because stopping shaking my hips around would mean going against inertia. A Lunatic in motion tends to remain in motion.

Really Long Forwarded Messages with cute little graphics and inspirational stuff? So. Annoying. Made a point of replying to a "forward this back to me if you think I deserve a hug" with not the forward, but a nethug.

Rev. Not-So-Nice Super and Homie G Super are plotting something together. It involves making homemade gelatin out of skanky fingernail clippings. I printed out the Snopes article on jello content for them; this cheered them both immensely and made them decide that I was part of the conspiracy. That's fine with me -- this way, they won't be serving me any. I seem to have become the Research Queen of the bullpen. Now with bonus glitter graphics tool via nalidoll, who greatly amused me by glitzing up the word "Jello", thus reminding me of the Conspiracy.

clarinetkid4eve has invited me to be part of her wedding! Glee! Girlie stuff! Whee!

Am considering writing a regular feature doing "translations" of Official LJ Admin-Type Posts into LJ-style slangy sarcasm. Sounds like it could be a brilliant concept, but also very easy to do very badly, and easy for me to get bored with. Hmm. Worth consideration, though.
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Things I do not need:

Aetna, calling and telling me that it's important that I call them!

Gave them the numbers so that if it was in the system, they can be taken the hell out. Am suspecting more assorted "used-to-have-this-number" follies.
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Not-so-sekrit message to sithjawa:

There are imps. On our desk. As well as Herr Drosselmeyer and Rose Red. They are all demanding attention, and we have to leave for work!

We woke up as a rather stiff, but very warm, tangle of limbs. There was sort of a collision as we raced for the phone, and we've been sorting out who's who ever since. We can't all go to work at once, and someone's got to keep an eye on Naomi. Glad we thought to make enough spare keys for all of us.

Ack. The time!
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Could have been worse. Could have been all of us separate. As it is, not enough glasses to go around. Joan & Azz to work.
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They have the old pair. I get the new pair & the id since i'm driving. Naomi saw reason eventually. She gets the phone.
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Work. Yeesh. I could have used Marah/Dagger and Naomi here a few times right now! As it was, I was supposed to be monitoring, helping with check-in tasks (there is no scheduled check-in today), and go to that meeting.

Meeting was something along the lines of what I would have expected, given all the noise recently. There was an explanation of the recent restructuring-fun. The changes that everyone's running around with their heads cut off about will be implemented April 01. I smirked. Management (Cubicle Management, not the one I've been doing things for) caught the smirk and saw that I'd caught the, erm, humor of the situation.

Monitoring finally. Will not reach through phone lines and strangle one man bald nudity crusade. Will not. Really. Will not. (New arrivals, see the tag associated with the guy for his history.)

Today he came in late; at the gentle admonition "try to be on time", he started cussing the bus company up and down, claiming that they should send him a free bus card, and threatening that he should hijack a bus to make up for their incompetence.

I am really wondering if someone like him is not a justification for the whole god damn TSA. Because he's just psycho enough to make me worry.
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She finally gave me the phone. Well, it was a couple hours ago. But still. They said I could have it to make up for the glasses.
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Dagger & Marah is walking laps outside. We compromised on the Library.
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Dagger & Marah said it was easiest if we went somewhere that we would not see anyone we knew. So boring. But books!
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Called the girls on break. They wound up hitting the library, on the very reasonable grounds that Dagger/Marah could leave Naomi more or less unsupervised there in a safe sort of environment. I really pity the masher who attempts to get somewhere with Naomi, as she is Really Not Interested in anyone other than Darkside, and while she doesn't have Dagger's martial arts to back her up anymore, she also doesn't have Marah's level head to chill her out anymore either. (Of the two, Marah, more levelheaded? heh. But true! Just because Marah has had more experience with stuff and she's also rooming with Dagger.)

Dagger/Marah are working off their excess energy by zooming around outside the library, or so Naomi said. I hope Naomi remembered to put the phone on vibrate in the library.

They seem to be having fun, though. Naomi is pissed about not getting to wear glasses. She said she had a headache. I asked her when the last time she ate was. She pouted at me but said she'd go check the books out and find Marah/Dagger.

Wish I was with them.

If this keeps up, we're going to have to get two more pairs of glasses, because I refuse to wear these god damn windshields much longer. They're dreadful. Rev. Not-So-Nice Super has already mocked me twice.
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She called & said we have to come home. I call dibs on the comfy chair.
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Day! (Ack.)

I'm home. They're home. We're all home. Dagger-and-Marah is in the shower; Naomi is over on the comfy chair giggling over a book.

... I don't think any of us quite realized before this that Naomi is fucking manic. Like, ten-pizzas-and-a-new-server-charged-to-the-credit-card manic. Which she didn't do. Fortunately. It could have happened, though.

But just as we were having the big fight about who was going to work and who was staying home (we were insisting we had to go to work, Naomi was insisting she wanted to because it was fun, and Dagger/Marah was saying that, well, somebody had to, and whoever it was had better get the fuck dressed) it sort of occurred to Dagger/Marah that Naomi could not by any means be unaccompanied, because it's a Rule that she always has if not an outright babysitter, at least someone to keep an eye on her if anything does happen.

And that meant that Dagger/Marah was it, since Joan got grouped with me and she's the one who does the whole "professional" thing. Naomi won the fight about the velvet skirt, so I got the slinky glittery one, even though I was really in the mood for comfort clothing. I guess she was too.

Dagger says she swears next time she's driving with Naomi, Naomi is sitting in the back with handcuffs on or something. It wasn't so much that it was trouble as it was that Naomi wiggles. And pokes at things. Fortunately we all have compatible tastes in music (we sort of had to) so Naomi playing with the radio was not a complete disaster.

The mall was not an option, because there is only so much time that can be soaked up at the mall without buying something, and there was no way that Dagger was letting anybody get started spending anything over fuel and food today. Just driving around was out -- traffic, pollution, wrong time of day, and most horribly, Naomi without glasses. So it was the library. (Joan suggested just having them stay home. But. Naomi? On the computer? All day? Unsupervised? ...No. Just ... no. Two words: Pay. Pal.)

I'm probably going to make a relatively early night of it. There are still clothes left for tomorrow, though I'll have to ask somebody to do some more laundry lest things become critical.

It's weird. I'd have thought that if this had happened, that we'd sort of flock together like we normally do inside. But when we're out, I guess it looks like we go our own ways all day long if we can. If Naomi didn't require supervision (and if she'd had glasses), Dagger/Marah was threatening to leave her the January bus pass we still have and let her wander around the bus system all day. Then they'd probably take the car and run errands. And I'd be stuck at work. Lucky twits.