February 5th, 2006

running, bomb tech

4 hours is the limit.

I go to bed before midnight.
I wake up 4 hours later.
I spend most of the night awake.
I get tired around about the time I should be thinking about waking up.
running, bomb tech

Drama in Fifteen Seconds

angledge: "A summary that would make cleolinda proud. Except that this is a Drama in Fifteen Seconds, instead of a Movie in Fifteen Minutes (m15m).

Me:That's more like two minutes. Let's see if I can't summarize it down closer to 15 seconds.

Assorted Trolls: *troll LJ*
LJ Abuse: "Banninated."
brad: "My site. My rules. Asshats."
Trolls: "Hacked!"
LJ Abuse: *banninates*
Banninated Hacked Account Users: "OMG WTF?!"
LJ Geeks: *code*
Trolls: "We so pwned you."
brad: "Not for long. You're still banned."
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(no subject)

Tut, tut. Looks like rain. And me inside all morning. What a pity.
running, bomb tech


Used the Hokuto Shinken Carpal Tunnel Attack on myself today. Whacked side of knuckle against desk, that dreadful place below the index finger's first knuckle along the bone in the web between forefinger and thumb. Now entire arm feels crippled.

(a good two hours later) Well, rubbing it down with menthol-something-or-other and applying the heat tip of the Wahl to it has helped immensely. I still can't hold anything much in it for very long, but at least it doesn't hurt to type.