February 15th, 2006

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Stuff that would have been highly relevant ... yesterday. And a Valentine's Day outing. Sort of.

Via elynne (I think) "Do You Take It?" Music video, lyrics and imagery not work-safe unless you have a certain kind of workplace, but I don't think any of you do. The rhyming is hilarious, though.

Who the hell was this Valentine guy? and "The Girls" -- hooray Sts. Cyril and Methodius!

Gods preserve me from being That Kind of Girl. Those social games are not the sort I like to play. I like flowers and shinies and chocolate as well as the next girl, but it's not an Immense Disappointment if my date of the moment does not express his or her affection in the way the marketing pressure deems most appropriate. It's not worth making a Scene over.

It is somewhat of a disappointment if someone chooses to express their affection in a way that goes contrary to The Way I Do Things, but that's the way the world works. Throwing tantrums over Not Getting My Way is immensely unattractive, and doesn't go well with maturity. I do like to think that I'm involved with someone who can pick up on my general preferences, but I don't expect anyone to ever read my mind and pick out the exact thing that I'd been wanting that I hadn't told them I'd wanted. (And, goodness, if you're someone who doesn't feel that you can pick up on my general preferences when dating me, by all means ask. I am far more likely to respond with "Let me whip up a flowchart" than I am to explode. Not being able to discern a partner's preferences is a distinct social handicap, but reasonable accommodation can be made if it's asked for -- don't expect me to automatically know that you can't tell what I like.) After one disastrous teenage Christmas where it seemed that I'd gotten nothing that I'd actually wanted, I stopped expecting my parents to read my mind and made lists. Things worked out much better after that.

I'd rather have something I will get some use out of than something I won't, so an "I Love You" mug would be better than a teddy bear. I'd rather have something with inherent artistic or entertainment value than something tacky but more seasonally appropriate, so a mug with a reproduction of a famous painting or one of the Wizardry mugs would be better than something designed to be sickeningly cute. (That's a plug, by the way, not a hint.)

In the chocolate department, tasty is better than cheap. For equal deliciousness of chocolate, inexpensive is better than expensive. I like milk chocolate, enjoy dark chocolate, look upon Very Dark Chocolate with equal apprehension and hyperactivity, and view white chocolate with sidelong suspicion except when it's in company with something that actually contains cocoa solids, and not just cocoa butter. Avoid anything containing walnut or banana, yay food sensitivities.

As far as shinies go, major debt is not attractive, me not being likely to break it on the first wearing is attractive, anything short of surgical steel and sterling silver makes me swell up, itch, and get nasty red bumps, and my sense of humor does not extend to unconventional items placed in ring boxes.

I left things pertaining to Valentine's Day to the very last minute, figuring that they would all work out in the end. Which they did. hcolleen and I had been planning to get together for sushi since forever, and she knew a place down in her end of town. She lives in Tempe. We had fun, though I was running late. Since I was at that end of town already, I stopped by Trader Joe's and Changing Hands, and came out with something that looked like it was a bulb flower (the other remaining options being too expensive, too red-rose-y, or too wilted), an expansion pack of magnetic poetry (Shakespearian), and an auxiliary "Oh Shit!" key to be pasted on a keyboard.

My careful plans of presentation were stymied by the fact that the solid door was open, leaving my arrival clearly visible through the security screen door. Collapse )
running, bomb tech

Geekhousekeeping -- hosting!

The Geek Housekeeping Project is hosted on PBWiki, a free and fairly intuitive wiki service. tyrantmouth mentioned that she was using it, so I checked it out, and found it pretty much ideal for what I had initially in mind for the Geek Housekeeping thing.

I wanted something where we could slap up information quickly and in a coherent style, without fussing around with very much coding. Wiki style is not intuitive if you have never poked around a wiki, but it's easy to learn. I like the multi-user approach to content building. This is pretty good for the time being, until we actually have enough of a content base to think about a more traditional website.

PBwiki logo PBwiki is offering extended webspace for their users if they grassroots the project. And it's sufficiently nifty I'm inclined to do this.