February 16th, 2006

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A day!

Woke up to an unexpected phone call. Whee!

Buzzed around the apartment for a while, then scampered off to writing group. The Powers that Be finally tracked down the wireless key -- and it's a LAN only, with no outside connectivity. Slightly disappointing, but there is outside connectivity planned for Whenever They Get That New Server, or something like that. The lady was non-technical and vague.

Group was fun. hcolleen, kilarneyblarny, meacu1pa, the new lady with the New Orleans fictional memoir (written pre-Katrina), M, and azwriter. Good times. I read a Necromancer's Prayer selection, of the Cleaning of Randy and Chuck's Room. Doom!!

Dinner was fun. I need to write the piece that's brewing down. It involves channeling my inner drag queen. We are now doing a Harem Girls RPG, sort of -- M is the Empress, hcolleen is a handmaiden, kilarneyblarney is a slave-girl, azwriter is a wife, and I am a foreign courtesan (and spy). Very scary, and all Original Universe Mary Sue all the time. Hooray for silly RPG!

Sussed out an address, got hair-taming products, and did laundry. Now bedtime!
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Real estate? Try air conditioning. I felt distinctly overdressed with heels. This feels much more natural.