February 18th, 2006

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Little things.

Funny: Didgeridoo attack.

Fashion-scary: (via moniqueleigh) CyberGown (shopshop.com) has some of the most ... stunning ... prom dresses around. Bring your sporks & bleach. (For fashion snarkers only, though the Grammar Bitch may be ... amused ... by "hand embellishments of sequences" and "marmaid styling" skirts.) (And the "I can't wear anything under this!" style. Even they can't find a way to spin up the fact that it makes her look like an anthropomorphic The Cheat.)

Sick and scary: Batshit-crazy comes in all religions. Stay away from the Water of Life Church in Plano, TX. Disturbing.

The gang-related teasing at work continues. Homie G. Super: "What's your sign? Throw it up!"
Me: "..." *self-consciously tosses a pencil in the air*
Homie G. Super: "... Bwahaha! A ... pencil. OMG." (to K-Bone) "She be rollin' with the Pencil crew of the Crips, dawg. You gonna stand for that?"
K-Bone: *eyeroll*

Today Obso1337 Super had to crack a dictionary to prove that "gay" meant "happy".

Tomorrow (okay, today, Saturday) is a 10 hour shift.
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< 3 sleep. Take that either way. I will have a lot of sleep deprivation to catch up on. Will call Darkside on break.
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Applesauce is a wonder food because it can be consumed through a straw from a cup. That says breakfast all over.
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Another day at the lunacy factory. Can feel tenuous grasp on sanity slipping.
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Too few monitors yesterday. Too many monitors today. I am only .5 of a monitor on check-in days. 80 people for 2.5 monito
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Only a little zombified so far. It helps when I'm doing supervisory stuff that the supervisor break room has random coffee available.

Rev. Not-So-Nice Super is going on about chupacabras today. He wants to know where he can buy one. He's been asking various people this.

There was co-ordinated noisy meditation starring Rev. Not-So-Nice Super and Homie G. Super.

The one man bald nudity crusade has LEFT THE BUILDING.
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Tired. Fun with clear packing tape. Comic pirate had chest hair taped.
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Entire office is insane. Currently describing the mechanics of internet meme propagation to workplace. New character in.
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the rocky road to bedtime

I have a layered bed. There are two full size mattresses on a futon frame, and a futon cushion on top of that. The confection is piled with pillows and iced with blankets. I feel like a princess when all is in order.

Inevitably, the futon starts slipping off the bed stack, and all must be stripped and piled again.

I have a habit, started at age eleven, of holding a small object in my hand while I sleep. My 6th grade boyfriend Kermit gave me a little wooden heart for the appropriate holiday in 1992, and it was just the right size to hold and feel comforted by, as stuffed animals were no longer quite the companions they used to be. The heart was succeeded by a soapstone bear (from the same boyfriend) some months later. The soapstone bear endured far past the end of the relationship, until I was 15 and at CTY in summer of 1995, where it was supplemented by the Bearing Stone (a shiny bit of rose quartz, tumbled and polished) at intersession and supplanted by the Shoe at session-end. (pyrogenic, the Shoe is still in a memory box back in Fairbanks, tucked in next to my two favorite childhood stuffed toys and other random treasures.) When the Bearing Stone was lost, another polished rock came to take its place in hand (but not in heart). An item signifying my high school flame Shawn came to take the place of the Shoe in due time.

I got engaged, and these things disappeared from my bed. But once in Arizona, and out of the orbit of my erstwhile fiance, the lightsabre that Darkside gave me found its way into my hand while I slept, and it gave comfort. And a large chunk of rainbow fluorite found its way into my right hand.

As I un-piled pillows from the bed for the re-settling, I uncovered no less than four rocks, in various size, shape, and mineral. No wonder my bed's been feeling extra-snuggly!
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