February 20th, 2006

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Renfest hooray! There are sound problems. & fury. Happy lunatic. Much geeking with cellphone credit card device. Hair gle
phone, cordless phone

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Fun @ renfest. Now a freeway accident conveniently located near Darkside's. D got to meet him at long last.
Jolly Burner

Remember me to one who is there: he was once the best prof of mine.

Renfest happened! Spent way too late last night searching up the Garb (in the bottom drawer of a dresser, it turns out, all together, and nicely cat-haired) and ensuring that it was all still in working order. There were some bad moments with the Rack o' Doom, but tight lacing and determination and no small amount of squishing ensured that everything fit, if a bit ... perkily.

In the morning, I donned all but the topmost layers of the costume (having figured that the proper chemise would work better than a work shirt), fueled up, and drove to meet up with dustraven, trystan_laryssa, the Mad Scientist, and "Mom", the matriarch of the crew. (trystan_laryssa is the odd one out of the biological set, being Dad's Girlfriend rather than the mother of the Mad Scientist.) We geared up and set out. trystan_laryssa bumped Tartanic all the way there, which made for a soothing dose of high-volume hyperactivity.

The trip out was familiar, ingrained in my nerves as it is to make a portion of that trip to see Darkside. I twitched all over when I had to pass his exit without turning. Getting the bodice laced up was a bit of an adventure in the parking lot. No boob wound up being flashed a la Janet Jackson, however. trystan_laryssa thought the effect was simply gorgeous, and felt self-conscious beside me.

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