February 23rd, 2006

Jolly Burner

If it isn't one thing, it's another.

Late to writing group today. Ahh, the majestic Procrastination! But I got a good start on the essay about my recent experiences, tying in the elements of professional dress code, interviewing, dress-up, and drag.

There was a ... thing. Evidently my conflict management skillz are based heavily upon my ability to shut all the stuff that's going on the hell down so I can process it and then unruffle individual sets of ruffled feathers.

Other than that, the play was just fine.

Delivered the imp of Dana O'Shea to M, who put some on and did the "Oo, smells tasty!" thing a lot. She suggested over dinner that since one of my major skills that I mentioned is one of Miles's, finding the right person to do the right job, perhaps I should apply at a temp agency, not necessarily for temp work myself, but as a person to match jobs to skills.

I am reminded once again that I really do need to open my mouth like a good girl when I'm Told to. This clergy business is not a comfortable one, but I knew that when I signed up. When saying something means momentary discomfort for me, and relief of a very real stressor in someone else's life, what is the appropriate choice? (Incidentally, the disclaimers on that sign-up were very well-done. I commend the author, and poke people who would buy the 3rd book in the Feline Wizards series to go ahead and tell her so.)
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lonely, spock

Hi, Hermit.

Not sure exactly what it is going on right now, but I may find myself actively interacting with others a little less than I was. I'm a weird one -- when I need to be by myself sometimes, I go out of the apartment and spend time anonymously in a corner around people that I don't have to interact with actively. When I need company, I may well stay in and talk with people one-on-one on the computer.

Have discovered a "safe" place on IRC to hang out. This has the advantage of having people I know, at least in passing, as well as people who share common interests and people who aren't trolls. Yay safe social time from inside. Yay free safe social time from inside. Yay free safe social time from inside where the other denizens encourage me to hone my rage and hatred tech support fu.

Am not actually attempting to ignore people, but it may well come out that way. I may or may not respond if poked -- if there's a need, definitely poke me. Conversely, there may be all these words with nowhere to put them...

What I really need is some more quiet time with Darkside, preferably without his parents about. Wish me luck?
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fangirl, _schools4303

Much of the excitement!

Dear Rhiow,

I'm glad your author has decided to write more about you! You're such a good girl, and so busy, saving the universe and all. Take care of your human, 'k? He really needs you right about now.

a long-time fan
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