February 27th, 2006

running, bomb tech


Went to hang with dustraven and trystan_laryssa. He's got a new box. There was much perkiness. After a short buzz around shopping, she and I wound up watching Rent together.

I must say that it's very good and powerful. I was bawling. Of course. I was also squeeing. The two of us cheered LOUDLY at that one particular moment reminiscing about Angel.

There was lots of singing. I have a habit of bursting out into song. Like, whenever. Y'all shouldn't encourage me too much -- makes it dangerous for the onlookers!

There was much dancing, squeeing, singing, and giggling in the parking lot. My self-mimicking of the contrast between burly men in an air conditioner shop and dragged-out interviewee is evidently amusing. And I have only to say "BVD drive" to set trystan_laryssa off again.

(I really have to write something to make that end result a reasonable possibility, now. Like the dog. On fire.)
phone, cordless phone


Calls before noon on Mondays are sort of like calls at 4am on a Saturday for people with a "normal" schedule.

Silly the-Figment. Was not quite coherent enough to give him a time to call back, as I thought he was calling at 1pm, because I could see a 1 on my visible clock.

He called back closer to 1pm, the actual 1pm, which was "a few hours later", and I was coherent enough to answer the phone. Still not coherent enough to hold a conversation.

I suppose I need to give him an update on my actual schedule, because we are badly out of touch. Especially because bondmates get to get away with calling at hours that are bad for me, but ordinary friends are informed of the faux pas.
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