March 14th, 2006


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Went and gave plasma. If I'm exposed to What Lies Beneath many more times, I may actually start liking it. It seems like a fairly decent movie, all told.

I managed to hack an earbud cellphone headset together with a dollar store headphone set into something wearable and workable. I extracted the speakers from the headphones, cut a slit into an existing slot, and was able to slip the earbud's cord through the slit into the slot. Then I put the spongy cover back on, and cut a hole in that for the earbud's speaker to stick out, which had the added value of holding it in place. The cord and microphone dangle as normal. I think I've fallen in love. [edited to add: Now with images!]

Last night I decided that it would be really nice to make some spare money by whoring out my pen writing romance novels, because the market for them is evidently endless, and the barriers to publication are reputedly low. Google found me this:

Poking around looking at the assorted things, and chatting with reichiere, it seems that the hot new thing is the supernatural romance. And.

Suddenly Colleen and Mike started insisting that I write their story, to get it out and written for once and for all so they won't keep coming up every time I want to go and write a romance. Then Raven insisted on getting in with the action, since she was canon. Just to balance things out a bit, I created the cardboard Amber, who immediately took on a life of her own. Plot rapidly developed. I'm going to try and see if I can pump out the word count like it was NaNo time, while keeping the quality of the content up over the "OMG NaNo" quality level. As long as the muses stay with me...

I'm a little concerned, because this is romance rather than comedy. But I did a straight story for Necromancer's Prayer, and both romance and humor crept in. This is the story of Colleen and Mike, and it needs telling, or the era won't rest.
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Schedule for not tomorrow, but next Wednesday--

I'm probably going to be late to writing group next Wednesday, the 22nd. Work called this morning and wanted me to come in for a client call. I'm a supervisor, and I'm still one of the first people pulled out of the woodwork off their regular schedule when the $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB clients are going to be listening to the survey.

I'm not going to be saying no to the client call bonus and extra hours. I'm very good with $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB. I monitor it very well because I can nitpick. I can recognize that the proper response to a "Nobody here" is not "ah, that means no one in the demographic category lives in the household -- NEXT!", it is along the lines of "Do you mean someone of $CATEGORY lives there, but isn't available right now, or do you mean that there is no one of $CATEGORY that lives there at all?" There are different categorizations for the "not home right now", the "they do live here but I won't let you do a survey with them", "no one fitting that description lives here at all," and (my favorite), the "you've got to be on crack to think that someone of $CATEGORY lives here, because this is an $INCOMPATIBLE_BUSINESS!" (My favorite incompatible business combination has to be "teenagers" and "strip club".)