March 15th, 2006


The book!

Despite extensive research earlier in the day, it's now up to 2,100-odd words. Some of them are fairly odd.

I have a new default icon. Some of you may have noticed. This isn't it. This is one from that toy that's been going around that pretends it's personality analysis but it's actually your username but it's still shiny. This may well be one of my "I'm working on that book" icons, the other one being tricircle.
caffeine, beautiful addiction

Happy Ides of March!

I always take this day to stop and give thanks that the mistake I made on this date in 2000 was not long-term or permanent.

In 2000, I wound up engaged to BJ, who was a shining example of the sort of Middle America that needs screaming avoidance from the gay/liberal/educated people. (Just one of the above means you should avoid them. All of the above means run. now.) Fortunately, I met Sis and Darkside before I was married, or, worse, dead.

my current place in PhD for shutdown

Also, GIP: this is an electron microscope view of caffeine.
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Actually got going fast enough to do the plasma thing. I have a new book to write and a new book to read. The big meow.
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The new cellphone headset is in operation. I have green glitter gel in my hair. I would never dress Darkside in bondage pants.
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There is a guy in bondage pants here. I was trying to see Mike in them. But since Mike started as a paper doll of Darkside...
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We didn't start out with a room. We wound up in the upstairs conference room. We started out with the couches.

I'm a little spaced because of sugar high and overheating. Mike is taking over. Mike likes coffee. Mike gives me the squirmy-shivers, as well he should.