March 17th, 2006

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Terminology: "paper doll"

I use "paper doll" as a shorthand. I'm either talking about fanfiction or real writing.

Fanfiction is playing paper dolls with someone else's writing. It's as much art as you make of it.

It's also my real writing. I sometimes start writing and populate the book with people who look and/or act like people I know, if only superficially. They're paper dolls, because they're not that person, and I'm not intending them to stay like that, but that's where they come from. They're cardboard until they find their third dimension. They're paper dolls.

Mike is still finding his third dimension, so he's still a paper doll of Darkside. Colleen ... at group, she came off less Sue than I intended her, which was very good.
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Some people are a symphony in color.

I am a discordant jug-and-tin-whistle band (played by enthusiastic 5-year-olds without much training) in blue and green. Hunter green swirl skirt. Invisibly grass-green shorts. Powder blue long-sleeve company shirt under (thankfully black) short-sleeved light sweater.

The ordering of the company shirts for the staff photo today did not take into account anything like the actual sizing of the staff. I'm sure that tiny staff got huge shirts. Large staff ... well, this shirt I am wearing right now is a size large. It technically fits onto my body and covers all necessary parts.

I just look like a (very) plump Hooters girl.

There is obnoxiously brilliant green glitter in my hair. I'm not going down without a fight.

(I have to take the sweater off for the photo. After the photo, the sweater goes back on, I disappear in the bathroom, and then the damned company shirt comes OFF.)
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The photo went reasonably well. I declared to my elder clone that I had won the contest for "biggest boobs in the company".

After the photo shoot was over, I changed back into my own good comfortable black shirt. Hooray black shirts. Love them. Shirts that are in the right size are awesome as well.

I'm going to see if I can't get a company shirt that's at least in the correct size. I can technically wedge myself into the incorrect size provided. But that does not work.

Much muttering about schedule changes.