March 19th, 2006

phone, cordless phone

Work, breakfast, sleet, mourning, and the almighty mute button

Life is good. A nice salad for breakfast starts the day off right. Waking up ten minutes before the alarm clock also starts the day off right.

Network guys were here overnight. I got doughnuts, bagels, and muffins. These two things are connected. I figured they'd really need it.

There was lots of precipitation with ice in.

Called the parents and left a message about the Pink Menace on the machine. Dad called back and talked about those soft drink cups with the narrow bottoms to fit into cup holders, and how to have fun with them.

"But full ones eventually become partially empty ones," he said cheerfully. "Think of it as ballast."
"Think of it as payload," I countered, which sent him into guffaws.

Homie G and Rev. Not-So-Nice Super are in mourning for a friend of Homie G's little brother's. The friend was shot dead for some stupid senseless reason or other. It seems like pretty much the whole neighborhood knew and liked the kid.

When not to use your mute button: when you're sitting on the phones chatting with your friends and hanging up on respondents because they're interrupting your conversation.

When to use your mute button: when the respondent is pissed off at you and says something so hilariously funny that you have no choice but to laugh.

Time to duck and cover on the inbound lines.
phone, cordless phone

That computer is not good for this.

How to say "That computer is a piece of shit" in polite business language!
I checked over the [] conference room in preparation for the client call on 3/21 and 3/22. This is what I found:

The large conference telephone is plugged into the dialer telephone system and ready for use. Dial [] and the three-digit booth number to log in to monitor.

PC needs to be replaced:
  • The current PC in this room takes 15 or more minutes to fully boot up.

  • A web page, such as a monitoring log page, takes 2-5 minutes to load.

  • The PC takes over 8 minutes to log off.

  • This PC is either: a) not fit for any modern computing task and should never again be used for any task that requires a timely boot up process, a timely log off process, or anything involving a web browser, or b) it is so riddled with malware that it needs a complete reinstallation of everything. As it runs telnet just fine, I suspect the former and recommend a replacement rather than a reinstallation.

After the PC is replaced, someone will need to test that it can connect to telnet [] and http:// [] monitoring/ before the client call.

[Azz Lunatic]

Disc project commences. <voice="Troi">I sense ... hostility. </voice> Namely, the PC back there won't let me log on as me, and has no network access to the stuff out here, and I can't hit the internet either. And that's what keeps me sane for the discs.

Fuck, in short.

On the bright side, there was rain. There was ... I think it's "sleet", when it's not quite hail, but there are mushy ice crystals in the huge drops of rain?
phone, cordless phone

Network, ID-10-T

The IT guys came in yesterday evening around 5-ish to get everything set up for last night's big installation. We'd been seeing some random guy in a manky shirt walking around with a ladder for the past week or so; he turned out to be a data cable contractor.

We got packages from Cisco in the morning on Saturday, and we put them aside for the geeks. Hooray networking fun!

When we got in this morning, the geeks were still here. No one could log in to the computers because they were still getting stuff done on there. They didn't give up the system until 7:30/7:40-ish. That was over 12 hours for them there. It was at this point that I decided that since I couldn't do jack and everyone had to be exhausted and hungry, I was going on a breakfast run. I got doughnuts, bagels, and muffins, plus cream cheese and orange juice. Everyone was essentially happy.

The Dave Matthews Band Fan Geek said that after what they'd done tonight, they didn't deserve doughnuts. I attempted to comfort him. He thought I'd studied networking, and said that tonight was one of the nights that make you wish you'd never gone into the field.

Those are really the nights that you need someone with doughnuts about.

ID10T. The local temp files of about 400 discs that I spent so much painstaking time getting rid of so they wouldn't get in my way? Not so local. Not so temp. I called IT (who was still here); the Dave Matthews Band Fan Geek told me to write down the address and he could restore it from Friday's backup. It helped, I think, that I started out the call with "I just did something incredibly end-user stupid; I need a file on the network restored from backup." Didn't get a lecture. I think he's probably thinking that I can lecture myself, given what I said...

In my (meagre) defence: I went to the file from a desktop shortcut, and the machine I was on doesn't display the full path of the directories. (Ouch. I think that even makes it worse.)
phone, cordless phone

Mea culpa.

Things are going much better now that I've gotten into the groove of things. It's nice and peaceful back here except for the vacuuming. And even that's not so bad.

Sundays are good days. I think I'll see if I can't give a certain best friend a call later.


Let's see. I got in back around 11:30 or so, and didn't emerge until 1:30, really. So two hours back here in the morning. I departed for back here again at 4:30, roughly, and I'm going to be staying back here as long as I can to get these things done.

I've finished three little boxes of disks, the ones that are supposed to hold about 10 disks apiece. One of them was full of blank disks. I have about 7 boxes or equivalent bundles remaining.

Part of that time was time spent clearing things out and then writing an e-mail of shame and penance to the Powers that Be. Management likes my sense of humor, so this may reduce the amount of scolding that comes my way.

It seems that Management took notice of the new person who was writing these hilarious and consummately professional e-mails very early on. I just learned about it on Friday, when my e-mail about the mice ("Since the technologically advanced mice have been removed from the monitor rooms, could they be used to replace the simpler mice that remain in the bullpen? I believe the technical skills of the bullpen staff are equal to these mice. The [list of computers] all have older mice.") got a response of "You are so funny" from Management. I mentioned this e-mail to Stressy College Chick, and she told me the backstory about my earlier general amusement.

I'm hoping that she'll get a giggle out of this:

Collapse )
phone, cordless phone

Busy Loonie.

Still at work, despite the sporadic answering of comments. I sort of let it slide when I'm back in Sampling, mostly because there's so very little else to be doing back here while the disks copy. When they're small disks, I am kept very busy switching them out, but when they're very full, the read speed is slow enough so that I can type rapid-fire in between everything and get rather a lot of stuff written.

It doesn't lend itself to conversation very well, because I'm doing it in bursts, rather than steadily, but it's something that powers blogging very well.

I have a command console window open, a file explorer window open to the temp directory I'm saving these to, my e-mail window open here, and then a Pandora window. I'm listening to the Finest Workstation again; right now it's "Dreaming of Me", by Depeche Mode. Gotta love the 80s (unless you don't, then if you can't dance...)

There was a disk with a bent metal bit. It unfortunately sort of got stuck inside the drive after going in just fine. I had a moment of sheer panic, picturing a removal process involving pliers and eventually IT. It's fortunate that this drive is a removable one; I stopped it, pulled it out, saw where it was hanging up, and modified a paper clip to hold the metal bit down while I slid it out. It was the desk drawer problem. The trick worked. I was so glad. I don't like jammed disk drives at all.

I called Darkside's place a bit ago. I got his mom. Darkside himself was out cold. Yay Darkside getting a nap! He might call back if he wakes up. And since I'm in back, I might even be able to take a call on the cellphone.

Taking a break from active copying and instead letting the stuff move itself across the network. I'm not being actively stupid and putting the new stuff in the old folder that's going to be restored from backup. I made a new folder that explicitly says that it's the
new stuff from today.

I just realized that I've been here nearly twelve hours, and I haven't yet actually taken my break. I've ducked in and out of the ladies', and I've snagged the odd pastry around lunchtime, but I haven't actually gone on break.

I think I should probably fix that.

As of now I have five and a half little boxes of copied disks, one box and a pile of blank disks, and a box-and-a-half plus a bundle of disks yet to copy.