March 25th, 2006

frickin' clue bat

GIP: frickin' clue bat

This is my Frickin' Clue Bat.

I use it at work.

It has instructions for application on the other side.
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running, bomb tech

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Need to make a Stealth Bisexual icon, along the lines of
may act het/mono
but I'm *wired*
running, bomb tech


Got many touches done, not all g/unk. (Of my last 50 touches, only 1/2 were g/unk.)
Much cleaning in bathroom: all counter, mirrors, some floor, attacked headbands.
Moved most vitamin/etc. bottles to bathroom and off computer desk.
Hung small cork board.
Threw out random stuff including potentially very dangerous equipment.
Put random stuff into giveaway bag.
Hung canopy.
Answered comments.
Obtained edible groceries; did not go around going "oo shiny".
Put things away. Well, some things.
Admonished would-be cybersexxer for the "buzz"; it wandered off on its own with minimal prompting.

Not Accomplishments:
phone, cordless phone

New Peoples!

We have a new hyperactive temp phone goon. He dances in his booth and makes sound effects. He usually doesn't sit down. He's already been warned about being distracting to other phone goons.

He leaned waaaaaaay back in his chair about an hour ago and fell down and went boom. Homie G. and Comic Pirate Super laughed extensively.
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