March 30th, 2006

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Things from this morning before I left!

Disturbing phrases: The calling of the male genitals "junk" is disturbing, enough so that I might not want the genitals of someone who calls them "my junk" anywhere near my own genitals. I don't call my own genitals "The Sacred Flower of the Divine Hoo-Ha" or anything; they're just a part of my body that's occasionally particularly interesting (and occasionally particularly annoying), but I don't want for anyone to be putting junk in it.

Link for supplemental information for the Geek Housekeeping: Surprising Expiration Dates

Poly Fun: Polyamory came up in discussion with amberfox, in connection with some friends. To wit: the Amoeba. (Non-Bujold-List folks possibly won't know who I'm talking about. Listees past & present may well recognize the name.)
amberfox: "So a MMOR, then."
azurelunatic: "Huh?"
amberfox: "Massively Multiplayer Online Relationship."
azurelunatic: *sporfle* "MMORNC-17?"
amberfox: "Not that all of the RPGs are particularly PG, mind you."

Penny Arcade: Jesus is my Guild Leader design.

zoethe rants: Take your screaming children OUT of the restaurant. (She did with hers. Now it's your turn.)
running, bomb tech

Whee, writing group!

hcolleen: "I can summarize a 90 minute movie in 2 hours."

We have a new lady in tonight, a single mother with a pop first name that starts with B. Britney or Brianna or Brenna or something. hcolleen mentioned LJ.

4,784. The circumstances behind the "you're not dressed right" grow worse. Yay.

OMG! meacu1pa brought Wilson with her! He's being edited! I love the magnetic poetry bit. I also love the sister's lot in things.

Bob and George were sketched by me on the board, but they do not look like they're supposed to.
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Prueba: uno, dos, tres...

A good night out had by all! Howling laughter, breaking in new waitstaff (we are always cheerful and we tip decently, but have a large party, a split check, complex orders, and special things), conversation about sex toys, a new Dreadful Flavor Combination was discovered (pbj and mayo on scrambled eggs is out, and tuna and licorice -- I say black is worse than the movie-red -- is in), and the word count is nearly up to 5,000.

Recovered the movie from D's, encountered a Figment, and plotted for the upcoming holiday.

Came home to a frantic-sounding message from work on the machine as of 3:15 today. Um, that was so when I was giving plasma. And no answer when I called -- they must have all gone home, as the Figment had gotten out early.

Hope it's not too dreadfully urgent.
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Order and Chaos, Escher

Status of things:

Bad: Much loathing for shower, which is distinctly cool, not even mustering up to lukewarm.

Good: Much befuddled delight for Azureus, which is currently supplying me with a 4.5gig serving of Mike Jittlov's finest. Or, at least, that's what I'll have when it's finished. I shall take it off to trystan_laryssa and dustraven's for happy burning, provided I find myself a pack of DVD writeables.

Good: Shower was convinced to exude water that was warmer than cold, so rudimentary cleaning has been accomplished. Drying off from this in snug pink nightgown is exceptionally cozy.

Bad: Hair will be exceptionally tangled in the morning, as conditioning was inadvisable under the circumstances.

Confusing: Bitchy Witchy Week claimed to have started this evening. I think. Evidence earlier said yes. Evidence currently says um.

Sleep: Soon.
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Now I want the option of my cellphone transmitting its current coordinates to LJ when updating via text-message, and put that in a private thing -- like, only I can see the IP address on comments. (Well, maybe the poster can.) I wanna see my own coordinates on a map when texting in from AzureGhost.

Apropos of the new "location" field on the LJ update thingy: Put in location! It makes Google map search automatic! Not good for secret spies or evading stalkers. Hilarious if out of context words and then the city/state/country [whatever it prefers] are put in! Is new feature! Welcoming our new Google overlords am I! In Soviet Russia, Google searches you! OMFG tired am I!
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LJHS computer

Location, location!

Ooo, you can set your journal's home base location now too! This is, of course, entirely optional to do. If you'd prefer that your journal's home base be somewhere like school, a major crossroads near your actual home base, or your favorite hangout, there's nothing stopping you from setting your location to that.

I've set mine (with the most reasonable precision I can half-asleep muster) to show the place where I fell in love most firmly and finally.
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Another random guy in car saying I am beautiful. Old red sedan. Older guy. Like 50, 60. Odd.
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I have the beginning bits of a song about trolling bouncing around in my brain. It's a slippery slope I'm sliding on & this falling won't come free.