March 31st, 2006

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April Foolery (harmless)

The prank that's being concocted at work involves sensitive computer equipment. I've never crashed the dialer before, mostly because I do not, as a rule, touch the dialer.

We remote in to the machine in the server room that runs the dialer. I am working up two (or more) desktop wallpapers.

One is the background color of the server in question, with a telnet window open to a dialer crash -- and the taskbar showing an open telnet window.
The other will be a remote desktop window on top of the usual wallpaper of the computer in question, complete with taskbar, with a shot of said faked dialer crash cunningly pasted in.

Add wallpaper, set taskbar to auto-hide.

Instant fake dialer crash.

Goodness, I love screenshots.
Goodness, I love the fact that standard operating procedure is to take a screenshot and send it out with the incident report every time the dialer crashes.

This is one that's good for a second's shocker, followed by relieved laughter.
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Naomi thinks that the bumper sticker means to say solution, not answer. Some technical questions are silly if answered wi [continued]
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.. answered with the string 'jesus christ'. Though she thinks he would be a good developer & wasted on coding.
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The Moon is Very Useful Everyone!

At work, and not monitoring today, though I may be pressed into service monitoring $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB, as it's going to be a short bloody shift. (End of the month. Closing up. Y'all do the math.)

Oh, goodness. Chaos. Chaos, panic, and disorder. I got to hear someone talking at length at short-range, and good GODS the clergy-call came on. I'm not sure what to do about it, though.

All of senior staff was in a meeting starting 1:30 lasting until 3:15 or so. The opposite of "for the win" is "for the lose", right? Lose, lose, lose.

Stressy College Chick was left in a vile mood because of said meeting. And when she's feeling that bad -- we take care of our own. She immediately got whisked out of the building on an emergency cigarette break, after the shoulder massage, with a bag of Reese's Pieces. Obso1337 Super forked over smokes, Rev. Not-So-Nice Super gave the shoulder rub, I ran and got the candy ... it's what we do.

I'm all hyper. I've been watching $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB.
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The Goose Girl was reading the Trilogy today. I spotted the omnibus, thought it was, confirmed by seeing the spine as she walked past. I grinned.

Her job got done way early. She got in at 3, and was sent home because the job closed at 4:30.

"So long, and thanks for all the interviews!" I called.

She cackled.

It's good to be fen.