April 2nd, 2006

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We no longer do taped briefings. It's all live. I broke my voice by forgetting water. Bad me. Will never forget again.
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Sekrit Message to 'Song:

A feeling of "electric shocks" to brain (reported
secondhand by other interested party). This being the
factor that set off the first round of bells.

Difficulty breathing, a feeling of strangulation for
no apparent reason.
Constriction of the head; pressure on the temples.
Disorientation and panic.
Hitting or flailing at surroundings (inanimate
An increase in frequency and severity of episodes,
from intermittent banging occasionally through general
confusion to frequent banging and definite
"broken record" with several tracks.
No notable absence (but have have not personally
observed incidents up close).
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Erk. Nothing like attempting to call Darkside on break (in monitor room, lights turned out), and having the Princess bust in and flip the lights on. (She was looking for an empty monitor room to review a monitor report with a phone goon.)

Somehow I don't think calling him is going to happen in the approximately 30 seconds I have left of actual break.

Dave Matthews Band Fan Geek was in last night, and is in this morning. I am guessing it was an all-nighter, because he's in the same shirt. He asked me where the doughnuts were.

Things were down this morning when we got in. There were some network connectivity issues. He got rid of the nasty old switch (actually, it was really a hub; I thought it was a switch because no-one uses hubs any more; he mentioned when removing the offending object from the room that the first rule was not to use hubs) in the monitor room, the one with the wall-wart plugged into a power strip just within kicking range. I solved the former intermittent connectivity problem for that room by using a rubber band to secure the plug to the power strip.

This keyboard is horrible.
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4 minutes of sheer bliss. Still not entirely sure what is going on, but life is good.