April 5th, 2006

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http://alg.livejournal.com/81163.html -- Tor romance editor, accepting submissions for paranormal. Flagged for the attention of ataniell93 and mamadeb, but Az especially: paranormal het romance with Jewish protagonists and religious magic.

Movie was good.

I grow weary of the Shower Drama -- the shower should not take that long to warm up. Even if it is after midnight. Brr.

I really need to juggle my week better. I'm not sure if I'll have more time or less time.
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Ahh, the workplace.

Dear Passive-Aggressive Twit Dude:

You may not be aware of this, but complaining about your Mostly Harmless booth-neighbor who periodically talks to herself (and fairly represents both sides of the conversation) in front of your supervisor in that fashion may not be the best of decisions.

First, if you can't sanely and politely ask the woman to keep her voice down, or at least turn away from you, you probably don't belong in a workplace for grown-ups.

Second, complaining that your co-worker talks to herself in front of the multiple-personalitied supervisor? Maybe next time I have occasion to be near you, I'll invite the girls out and we can all talk about what we're thinking about.

Finally, you are a boring old windbag. I'm glad other people see something worth spending time with in you, because I sure don't.

Not much love,
she who only has to work with you
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Writing is a way of life, not just a hobby

I think part of the reason, a major part of the reason, I've been stonewalling on the topic of jobs is this: I dream of being a writer.

Novembers have been establishing to me that I really do have the capability to write, and write on demand, and write reasonably well. I can take a thread of airy nothing and transform it into a first draft of a book. Granted, there will be yowling and thumping and perhaps even tears on the way (I don't tend to cry half so much anymore, so it's not a given) but I can sit down and come out with written material.

This is something that I can do in my current position. It's not the job of my dreams, but it's close to home and it's flexible and I'm comfortable there. If I really need to, I can go down to part-time. I can go back on the phones if I want to.

Any new investment of time that a different job takes is that much time that I don't have available to me to write. This job that I'm in now is a pretty decent day job.
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"My favorite humor columnist said it was dreadful" should not be a major selling point. But it is.
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We've got the upstairs room.

It's a good day. Plasma went well. I'm reading some crap mystery about an alcoholic lawyer defending the impossible client. It's going to take me a few more donations to get through this one, because there are so many other things to look at.

Have tried Blak now. It tastes like that someone took that pot of coffee that's been sitting in the break room since morning -- you know, the dregs of it -- chilled it, and mixed it half-and-half with the Coke that's half real syrup and half artificial sweetener, and then ran it through the carbonation process again just to make sure that it really was fizzy enough. Judging from the ingredients list, that's about exactly what they did.

I have a Cunning Plan to attempt to duplicate or better the recipe when we're out tonight. This depends on a glass of Coke, an empty glass with plenty of ice, and a pot of coffee. Oh, and all the sugar packets on the table.

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Writing group notes

"After Blak & Dirt, we're going to have Smut!" --M (Her ginseng beverage smells like the dirt component of BPAL's Rose Red.)

*bright idea* Hmm, I wonder if I could set up my own remote ISP, especially if calls between home phone and cellphone are free. (Are they?) Keep a box on at home, connected to Ye Olde Broadband. Set up the box at home to accept incoming calls & share network connection. Set the laptop up to talk to the cellphone.

It would tie up the phone line something fierce, but it would give me connectivity anywhere within the Qwest network.

(This, apropos of trying to get meacu1pa's laptop connected via mine.)

Vampire games -> I vant to suck your BLaK -> blood of the master

Cat sound effect. (mrrr?) Chicken sound effect. (Bgerrrk!) Dog sound effect. (Aroo?)

A female is still a master. Transgendered vampire crossover craziness.

"You're somewhere weird with sushi and vampire penises. You squicked the slash writer."

"Blog of shadows."

Ack, allergies. Sneezing brains out is not a good thing.
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In 100 years, those little flash mockeries of w will be primary sources for history papers. And obsolete.