April 15th, 2006

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Things about being a supervisor:

  • No attempting to do a survey with a toilet.
  • Training class never says anything about the death threats.
  • No telling people whose households don't have teenagers how lucky they are.
  • Evidently giving the finger to the phone after getting rid of a rude respondent contributes to my "cool supervisor" points.
  • Phone goon thanked me for getting a minus changed from one point on the rating scale to another one, even though it was still a minus.
  • That respondent has misunderstood the Do Not Call laws.
  • Yes, you must speak to the parent before speaking to the kid. Even if the kid says "I'm old enough!" when answering the phone.
  • If that respondent's cousin owned the company, that respondent's cousin would laugh at that respondent for complaining that you are not doing your job right. As it is, I have two words to say about the claim. The first one is 'bull'. The second one, I can't say on the call floor.
  • No, you are not getting "all" the crazy respondents. You've only gotten like five. So has about everybody else.
  • Just because the headset's little piece has come off does not mean that the headset is in fact broken.
  • "Shaking hands" with Rev. Not-So-Nice Super involves a mannequin hand.
  • If the headset is in fact broken, do not attempt to interview with it.
  • Put your hand inside the puppet head.
  • That irate respondent in Baltimore will not show up on your doorstep. This is Phoenix.
  • Even when you think that microphone is off, it is probably not, and the monitor can hear you.
  • Sometimes quitting and coming back a year or two or three down the road is the best career choice.
  • Singing little songs for the monitors' amusement is not the best career choice.
  • My elder clone's daughter who wants to be a witch is soo cuuuuuute. She reminded me of someone; I just now realized that it was actually onyxrising's cousin who she looks a lot like: that slender/pale/dark hair thing, plus tiny and full of so much general fire & mischief.
  • No laughing at respondents when they threaten you with physical harm.
  • That microphone is really sensitive, and it will pick up the sound of your neighbor across the way cussing.
  • Whining to your supervisor is not amusing. To anyone.
  • You think you are 'cool', so you can get away with whining to your supervisor. News flash: you are *not* anywhere approaching 'cool', and in point of fact, anyone who's had to deal with you sort of loathes you, and we really wish you'd hurry up and get a better job somewhere else like in used car sales where your air of pathetic sleaze would be a job asset.
  • You're trying really hard, bless your heart.
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Sharing the love

Ponytail Dave declared that I was totally awesome yesterday. Obso1337 Super told me this today when I was on break, and seconded it, and said that this was no surprise.


It does feel very bizarre to be only a trainee myself, and instructing Ponytail Dave in the Way Things are Done, y'know?

He's pretty awesome himself. He's absolutely great with the phone goons in a way I'll probably never be.
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A heroic effort to get today's surveys and tomorrow's too. Alas.
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Alas. Calling the geekboy this weekend will probably not work. Am on break. Drank the coffee DMBF geek was eyeing. Oops.
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Life around physics geeks is damn good times. Air cannon. For the win. Digitalambience.