April 16th, 2006

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La la la. Tax returns are so much fun to prepare. *sigh* I underestimated my amount to withhold from the state tax last year. I underestimated it again this year, despite the fact that I'd increased it to what I thought would be definitely enough. This vexes me.

cadhla wrote another Martin's Passage story. Warning: I got the sniffles. OK, I sort of broke out wailing at about three different points, but I've been over-tired and so forth, so YMMV.

Ran into the Scary-Christian Neighbor (the one who ticked off Naomi with that tract) in the laundry room. Ran into digitalambience in the laundry room.

This turned out to be a good thing; there was a general catch-up and geek session of a good 45 minutes. The Air Cannon became involved. Adam had visions of a Great Honking Tube and a latex membrane, for great justice and more air moved. He has a workplace that has recently banned nerfgun wars. (He's working two jobs.) I related my technical position in my current workplace; he had an Amusing Idea, one involving a screensaver that has led to sackings.

The other dude eventually invited me to show for his church's sunrise service. I declined gracefully.

I had an Encounter in the restroom at work with the Tiny Shrill Obnoxious Woman. We don't see eye to eye on religion. Now that I'm a supervisor, that puts us on an even footing in the matter of religious debate: previously, she had created a hostile work environment to the point where I didn't want to live in the same universe with her, but now I can ignore her well-intentioned ill-informed relentless shrill bluster with impunity.

She is dreadfully concerned that witchcraft leaves me at risk for demonic possession. I do not think that there is a good way to articulate to a not particularly bright subordinate that in fact your particular holy charge involves the straightening the fuck out of those of your colleagues who have invoked something bigger than their heads. Besides, even though I started trying to say something, Mrs. Motormouth was not listening.
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Housewife's Lament

Work vs. Laundry

Bad effect of new job schedule: I probably won't have another two-day weekend for a long time.
Good effect of new job schedule: If the schedule goes as planned, I'll be able to get home before 8pm.
Bad effect of new job schedule: it hasn't been going as planned.
End result: the laundry room is only reliably at my disposal on Mondays and sometimes Saturday evenings, due to my work and volunteer obligations.
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