April 17th, 2006

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In my spare time, I do volunteer work. I had some spare time tonight.

http://www.bairey.net/ has just been informed about Bunnyman of Doom.

To wit:
This is to inform you that your client [URL for offending site] has been spamming LiveJournal communities with advertisements for his, her, its, or their site. Collapse ) While I know that ordinarily Abuse does not talk about accounts that they have had to suspend, they may well make an exception for the web host of the site being spammed about.

Best regards,

Looked up the domain servers of the site spammed about using Sam Spade. Next stop: the host of the photo. Comcast.
Crapweasels, this is a dumb spammer.

This is to inform you that your user [] has has been spamming LiveJournal communities with advertisements for his, her, its, or their site. Collapse )

Your user is an idiot for using their actual ISP's webspace to spam with. If there is any justice in the world, you will be able to pull their internet access completely.

Best regards,

In the past, I have gotten individuals in trouble with their universities for spamming up LJ. How was I able to do this? Because they were violating the uni net access ToS, and they were stupid about their spam-banner hosting.

Banned spammerbitches population == you.
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Second time is not the charm.

http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=226&view=full -- tags.

What this FAQ does not cover is what the hell happens when you delete the tags. Depending on stuffs, there are like two options for user expectations for what happens when yous deletes tags.

Option 1, the user-friendly option, says that the 100 tags is a server-strain limiting option, so's the trained monkeys don't get tired or anything, and it's a floating limit; when you delete the tag from entry 1, entry 2 moves up, and so on down the line, and entry 100 becomes entry 99, and entry 101 that was not previously viewable becomes entry 100 and therefore viewable. This depends on the tag system depending either heavily on search, or mostly on indexing but using search when there are any changes made.

Option 2, the user-unfriendly option, says that the 100 tags is a list-limiting option, so's you don't have to have a st00pid hyuuuuge index for tags, and only list the 100 most recently added/edited tags. When a tagged entry is deleted/edited to remove the tag, the entry disappears from the index, but is not replaced. The index will begin collecting up to 100 of the recently added or edited posts with this tag ... when they're added or edited.

I've had to answer at least two Support requests about this undocumented "feature" of the tags system. I think it's bloody well time for me to document it, but I think that'll wait until I'm awake.

Note that I think that we would not be getting requests about "But it says I have XXX of $TAG but I was editing those tags because I have a st00pid hyuuuuge number of them and I can only see 100 of them and OMFG I RAN OUT OF TAGS but the masterlist of ALL TAGS says I've got XXX of them and yet WHERE ARE THEY ON MY BLOODY LIST plzkthx?" if it were Option 1. It's Option 2, folks. Option 2.
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Kids come out to play!

I think it's been a Naomi night. First Dagger got to team up with Naomi and set the spammer dead to rights. Professional phrasing and venom: Dagger. Research and indignation: Naomi.

Then Naomi got to play with the words with the person with the tag problem. Such fun! She's really getting better with her words! (Read: she's gaining advanced access to the group language library.) She still doesn't have a good time with words when it's just her and things are going all weird and funky and there are too many things to be done, and talking seems like a bad idea, but at least those are now the exception rather than the norm.

In other news of the funky and bizarre, there is scent coming in the window that hits my "This is what Darkside and his clothes smell like" alert. By the Sekrit Language of Scent Omens, that means that he's thinking about me. (Why do I have the Pink-Haired Old Lady's voice narrating my words in my head? Oh, I know. Because I'm tired. [My story's not the norm.])
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