April 18th, 2006

bleeding, Ryoko

Links, artistic endeavors, and day, complete with plasma agony.

Via metaquotes: 419 vs. who?

pyrogenic: Apples to Pornography

I broke out the scanner and posted a pair of sketches to DeviantArt. I really should attempt to install my tablet on my dear Thalia here, now that I've got assorted cables and an art program that I'm learning a little more. My favorite way of doing things is painting, for the record. I have been known to designate myself a corner of the page as a palette and put in clean colors and then mix them with a smear tool to get the colors I want, then dropper and plop a blob where I want it and then smear it into place.

I went and attempted to give plasma today. I say attempted, because it did not go too well. First, though, I finished my taxes (AZ does not take electronic payment, boo hiss) and got them packaged up to send, then since I was going to be sending stuff, I dashed off a quick note to Sis and the LF, and since that had some sketches that were too darling to send without saving, I scanned them...

I did get out the door in a timely fashion, sort of. I did get the stuff mailed, and I did get to the plasma place in good time. Once there, though, and inside --

-- The stick did not go well. Collapse )

I should be feeling better by Wednesday.

I did a little grocery shopping. I had intended to stop by and see trystan_laryssa, dustraven, and any other bits of family who might be in (I suspect there might have been something Figmentatious there tonight, as he and I are harbingers for each other), but when I got home I realized I needed to do laundry, and once I'd done laundry trystan_laryssa didn't answer the phone, and no sooner had I called and left a message than Dawn called, and we spent until after 11pm just chatting away nineteen to the dozen.

Dawn's going to try and call Monday evenings now. She really needs someone there to talk with...
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Tired and queasy is not a combination for the win.

Make that dizzy. And I am not trusting what is going
on inside my insides.

I am going to wait until I feel I'm safe to drive and
monitor what I can of $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB, then I am soo
going home and not coming out until I feel better.

Got the pink hiccups. Going home.