April 20th, 2006

bleeding, Ryoko


I threw away a book today.

Before you go asking me what's wrong with me and should you be rushing me to the hospital -- it was Janelle Taylor's very forgettable Can't Stop Loving You. The book was damaged to start with: water-warped and bent and mildewed. It was one of the discards from easalle's living room floor, the ones that can't be re-sold in an online bookstore for even a fraction of cover price. The Law of Conservation of Characters determines that you know who the skunk is in a matter of pages. Not much suspense. It's written to about a fifth-grade reading level. It's internet-alarmist. It's "family-friendly" in the "small-town conservatism is a good thing" and "adoption was a mistake" fashion. I knew I was going to throw it out before I reached the halfway point, and I was wondering if I would throw it out before I reached the end.

I didn't.

I read it, I finished it, and then I started reading the book upside-down in favor of seeing the gruesome and bloody frames of Hostel. One of the IMDB users doesn't recommend it as a date movie. I don't recommend it as a plasma donation movie. So much so that I stuck around after I was done to specifically complain about the movie. I've never complained about a movie there before. Almost all the guys around me were going "Wow, awesome." I was not. I had the book up in front of my eyes so that I wouldn't be tempted to look at scenes involving manic would-be doctors with chainsaws. There are a lot of movies that get shown there that are tedious, or lacking taste, but this was downright gruesome and disgusting, and is definitely what should be an opt-in experience.

I have a new movie to recommend to Sis, though!
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"Monty" python; religion.

http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/04/20/e_snake/ -- surprise inclusion with television that was wasted on the recipients!
(Sources: http://news.scotsman.com/edinburgh.cfm?id=583922006, http://members.scotsman.com/clortho.cfm?going_to=http%3A//www.scotsman.com/%3Fid%3D582582006; bugmenot has valid logins.)

Scott Adams (dilbert_blog) asks about the reverse correlation between membership in religion and education. I have a few thoughts.

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Hanging on IRC now, and have opted to use up the last of the chocolate milk in a very predictable fashion. It's early enough so I'll have time to sleep, and I'll be all rested up for work tomorrow after recovering today. Yay sleep. Yay Irish chocolate milk.
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