April 21st, 2006

phone, cordless phone

Reasons why I might get executive burnout:

"Stupid bitch!" is among one of the many things that should not be said on an open line at work.

When reporting incident to shift ops supervisor, this can be summed up with the phrase "There was a 'Stupid bitch' on an open line." Air quotes included.

Also should not be done: when calling to speak with teens in a survey, should not ask to speak with teens when respondent says they're not interested. Should not repeat that when respondent says really, they're not interested. Should not keep acting like a broken fucking record when respondent is getting rather righteously angry. Should not HANG UP ON respondent when she asks for your name so she can report you to your supervisor for being a FUCKING IDIOT.

I gave the phone goon in question the worst score we have available. Because he earned it.

Calming down now. I stalked out of my monitor room with perfect posture to retrieve that report, bouncing indignantly with the force of my footsteps. I should probably stand up straight more often.

And there goes the blood pressure again. Little kid should not be having a conversation with respondent about where to get crack. Little kid should not be whispering "Do you like scary movies?" at respondents. Et cetera, ad nauseum. Fortunatly I have a strong stomach.

... and then Rev. Not-so-nice Supervisor was unable to keep a straight face when telling the guy to cut it the fuck out. Nice going there buster. Nice going. He gets the worst score in the building and he thinks you think it's all a joke.

Oh, yeah, this job is capable of driving people nuts.

Am glad that the job is staying over. No clue why they're justifying dialing until 7, but that's not really my affair as I'm not running the job today. No clue if they are dialing Spanish specifics either. I tried to start them out doing that, but gods know if Metal Dave actually did that. (Metal Dave = ponytail dave.)

My brain go boom.