April 23rd, 2006

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Finally in motion early enough to walk. Feels earlier than it actually is. Am a bit late by the bus.
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Set up my jobs last night with the pirate watching and advising. Today I shoot without a script. Tell the folks at home what you're doing...
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Ramblings from an early morning at work

So totally not giving a care that you think my arbitrary moving you into a corner is unfair. You always talk with that neighbor, and you just earned a minus.

Yes, I'll talk to you about that minus report in private, not out loud in the area in general.

Still not quite secure about running jobs. Hoping to get so in the future. All it takes is practice, right?

I was needing about 17 people on $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB today. I got 12.

I think I probably need more coffee.

I volunteered for an extra shift tomorrow. Hope I'm on the phones.

I can give security lectures on internet safety at work. Evidently Poser-Geek gave the same lecture on clearing history and cookies.

I am not unduly worried about the geeks at work tracing where I go on the 'net -- if they're going to look at that, they're going to be looking at a higher level than I can access. My history is very boring -- mail, fast food menus, and Google, and sites I find off Google. I Google stuff to answer the questions that my co-workers have; I am one of the people who just does general research.

I'd rather have a browser history that is all boring and stuff rather than none.
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Area 9 is always freezing cold. Everybody over there complains about it. It's worst when there are only a few people in the building. People generate a lot of heat; if the areas are full, then it's only a little chilly over there. If the areas are empty except that one, it's damn chilly.

Today I dug the ladder out of the damn documents closet and got up there and reached for the vent lever to see if I couldn't close it. I'm not tall enough, so I grabbed a clipboard to use to smack it with.

And damn if that thing is not jammed wide open.

That's something we can tell Site Services about.

I need more lanolin and balsam mixture. It's the only thing that does any good for the dratted dry skin in some cases.
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"Mike Jones" is causing a sensation for having the worst monitor report ever. Still from Friday. Crack. Wtf.
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workplace fun of the wilder sort

Talking about Guy Stuff in voices audible in the areas and into the monitor rooms.

Rev. Not-So-Nice Super is shooting rubber bands at people.

... The good Rev. Not-So-Nice Super just shot a rubberband into area 9 from the check-in desk area of the bullpen. He riccocheted it off the ceiling.



"Mike Jones" is afraid he's going to get canned. I don't blame him, because he is actually in danger of that. Talking about where to get crack with a teenage respondent? Oh, yeah.

I am on too much coffee. Or something. I made a fresh pot of it for the workplace.

Dude is really not sitting in his booth very much. Kneeling on the chair and spinning it.

I can let it slide for the rest of the hour, maybe.
...or maybe not.