April 26th, 2006

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There is such a thing as a dumb question, but that's only if it should have been obvious.

Have seen it around, and have been intending to post it: if there's anything that's been confusing you about me/my life/my journal, go ahead and ask already! Obviously if it's the sort of question that's being asked just for the purposes of being a dick, I'll make with the smackdown, but by and large the denizens of the community that's sprung up around my journal don't get off on being a dick in people's journals.

So. Got confusion? Make with the questions, and I'll make with the answers. Even if it's the sort of thing that's "oh, of course" to me, it probably isn't to you, because you're not in my head!
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Day off yay!

Shawn called twice while I was at work. I called back when I was walking home, and we had a grand old chat about the comic and stuff until he was about out of minutes. We ran down my battery. Good times. Damn good times.

... I like being a muse. He had two ways for something to go, and was torn between them, and when he was laying out the scene for the setup for the decision point, I saw a third way it could go, and I shared it with him. He was torn three ways. I was evidently supposed to make the choice easier, not harder.

He and I belong creatively teamed, and it's good that we're talking again.

I wound up in #lj_s sometime after that, and life was good. Life is very good. It's like coming home, to go there. If I'm awake but not otherwise occupied, odds are I'll probably be there.

Monday was an extra shift at work, on the phones. Tuesday was the regular shift, 12-7, except at the stroke of 7 I was still trying to get one last bozo phone goon monitored. This was the fellow who is not at all cool but thinks he is. He's also not at all competent, but thinks he is, and hurtly contests each time we tell him it ain't so. I had to rewind the tape to reconstruct the phone conversation.

Homie G. wished we'd made a dub of the Mike JONES! incident. Evidently this character is now Rev. Not-So-Nice Super's new hero. I was really tempted to take the tape and create an .mp3 using super-advanced cellphone technology. I didn't. I resisted the urge.

After I was done with the bloody monitor report, I helped the Check-In Princess close up the job and clean up and get paperwork and distribution done. I was eventually out of there around 9:45. Lots of paperwork. There are new trainees now, as the one fellow quit to pursue a more musical career. I hope to be seeing him succeed; he deserves that.

Metal Dave thinks that supervisory stuff is rather high-stress, what with all the things that have to be done at once. I think I have to agree with him.

I used the phrase "uphill both ways in the snow" to describe why we mere trainees mayn't have the use of the shiny spreadsheets that the more senior supervisors use to figure the job and all that nasty-bad stuff.

I did the booths out report tonight. Yay booths out. Corrupt files, 18 instances of a trojan deleted so what should we do now, just continue?, a missing F1 key, a dodgy number pad, a headset that Grandma Cinderella can't hear me over when I say "Hola, me nombre es Joan Lunatic..." when calling the bullpen from a random booth, a phone that was set to pulse and not tone, ten booths who can't talk to the domain controller right, and some dodgy telnets. And more.

I'm going to be sleeping in. Seriously sleeping in. Then I have some laundry to attend to, some dishes to put away, and some plasma to share with those more in need of it than my perkily healthy self. By that time I'll be late for writing group.

My desire for performing in any type of leadership capacity during my leisure time has gone absolutely rock-bottom. Will discuss at more length with people once more coherent.
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Making Light said it different and better; I'll go for what they said. Also, links.

My thoughts on the fanfic author publishing the fanfic, and fandom's irate reaction:
It's the righteous indignation of "You've spoiled the party! Now the cops are going to show up and it's ALL YOUR FAULT!"

Maybe some 18-19-20 year olds were getting quietly a little tipsy, and all car keys were safely out of reach, no one was attempting to boink anyone they shouldn't be ... but now that the cops have been called, people who were harmlessly doing something illegal out of sight of the law are exposed to the consequences of getting caught.

And all because some absolute idiot 20-year+360-day-old was drinking, and didn't stop at getting a little tipsy, but got messily drunk and then crashed into a street light.

http://redscharlach.livejournal.com/96623.html -- fandom poem.

http://nilo.livejournal.com/160162.html -- bad customer service.

http://bluegreenblog.com/archives/2004/12/17/car-in-water/ -- things in the water.

reformat_songs: La Vie Boheme

http://theferrett.livejournal.com/726993.html -- this is why I kept up the journal after I realized that I probably was not going to have a world-changing life. I was reading far too much Cyteen, and wanted a backup memory not stored internally.

HIV causing nutritional deficiencies: http://agent139.livejournal.com/445274.html -- interesting implications! Want to see what happens when something more mainstream gets their hands on the idea.

The Big Meow's mailing list software is broken; I got a blank e-mail from it this morning. Silly thing. dduane has been whacking it with sticks all along to get it to function. The real e-mail is evidently along soonish. (Got it. Yay.)

Re-reading: http://www.mcamy.net/snapefic/honor/bk1_chpt10.html (yay, Snape/Hermione)
My April: http://azurelunatic.livejournal.com/2004/04/16/ (bookmark for the re-read)
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We've got 10 minutes!

1 Week Challenge
Three pages on one of the following:
  1. What color is your soul? Why do you say this? What color would you like it to be?

  2. The ideal moment...

  3. In _________'s shoes

Overcoming Dr. Seuss.

We now have four new arrivals. This is a little bit odd.

They've got a 700 square foot apartment. That isn't bad.

"She is a reincarnated Japanese gay man."

More detail!