April 27th, 2006

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Fanfiction, and those pesky serial numbers

Need to ask around for advice from people who started out in fanfic and wound up going pro-fic, about the differences. Especially for people who started out with fic, realized that these muses can't be written the way they need to be in their own universe, and wound up AU-ing and finally OU-ing and filing off enough serial numbers to make them OCs worthy of publication. I know that thegraybook is a fan writer gone pro. I know that at least one person on the friendslist has muses who are sufficiently discontent with their universe of origin that they're hammering on the walls asking for export.

Writing group helps its own, see.

Though the process can be occasionally hair-raising.

I need, in the morning, to link to that Making Light post, and also do a sum-up of the current situation with that woman who made that bad fanfic decision.

My hair is evidently extremely fine, and very soft. My hair care secrets are as follows:
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