April 28th, 2006

sad, greensad

Another boozle tree kind of night

I wound up not going on break until the phone goons went home, which sort of tells you what kind of night it was. Things are closing. We closed Cell 1 on specifics, omgwtf. For the month. We went up to tonight's quota for Pacific in like 10 minutes, yay callbacks en espanol.

There is a tiny meepish temp girl who is deathly afraid of getting in trouble for stuff. Perhaps she would not be getting in trouble so much if she were not so bloody daft.

I was running $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB tonight. I do not do well with new things piled on top of new things piled on top of timecrunch. I wound up hyperventilating with very little command of English and tears seeping out, and utterly incapable of doing things I knew full well how to do, because of too much happening at once.

The rest of the workplace decided that leaving the trainee running a job by herself during month-end closing was really a bad plan, and wondered why the fsck Obso1337 Super had done so. Evidently everyone has days like that.

I was fine until I started losing track of where people had been put. I admit that my closest focus was not crashing the dialer... It was like swiss cheese booth reassignments, to the point where it wouldn't all fit on the row in the dialer ports list. Which meant two tasks. And then I froze. It became chaos; I wasn't sure where I was or what I was doing, and people kept changing their minds. I locked up completely.

Everything worked out all right. Eventually. I wound up wanting to hide under the desk for a while, though.

There were three bad respondents. One thought we were smoking the weed to call him on his business line, and wouldn't shut up about how we were smoking the weed long enough to listen to the explanation: random, you, and all you had to say was "this is a business line, not a household line". You're on the weed, you twerp. The other one was self-righteous without an understanding of the laws he was waving, and did not like having the error in his understanding pointed out. The final one was linguistic-based racist, going off because one of my Spanish-funnel phone goons had called. He earned an instance of the finger.

Working as a monolingual in a bilingual phone center has heightened my appreciation for the Spanish language and, by extension, all multilingual happiness. I'm starting to absorb words and phrases, simply by exposure. I'm not really doing anything active to pick up Spanish, but I'm making a small effort to try and retain words when I do hear and recognize them. I feel this delighted affinity for the words whose roots I recognize.
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Dawn is in town. Assorted stuff going on with her mom, but she's here. All kinds of happiness. Must inform Darkside.
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Running the job today. Back in the back room. OMGWTF phone goons. Trainees. Bad reports. Not verbatim. No computer skills
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Phone monkey get up get coffee... I sang "you are not alone" for dmb fan geek when he said IHTFP. He was testing lines.
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Scary work! Scary!

I wound up wrangling a peak of about 39 people today. Another split-skill died. (Dammit.) Dave Matthews Band Fan Geek said they keep getting corrupted. Obso1337 Super reckons it might be connected to the fact that the ones that get corrupted are evidently (perhaps invariably?) the ones used on Campaign 1, whatever that happens to be.

Did not crumble and bawl today. Briefed 5 people. Need like hell to re-tape the intro & splice or whatever the hell. Need to re-tape the current survey. I can't keep doing the briefing live, and I cannot leave the briefing to the current tape.

I think that's going to be a portion of my day tomorrow: going into a briefing room and getting that the hell on tape. Must bring cough drops, then, because that's a whole hell of a lot of reading.

Was near unto totally zombied last night. Came home, hit IRC, and then finally reluctantly zombied off to bed, where I was phenomenally wistful that it was not 40 miles away and mid-afternoon with something mind-numbing on TV to not watch while curled up next to a bondmate who was actually watching it.

The Philosopher has straightened his act out from when he got told about what he was not supposed to be doing on the job, and earned an all-plus monitor report today! Happy! Joy! Glee! I noted a few people's good monitor reports especially, telling one guy I'd had to move because of chatting + minus "Nice improvement!"

One lady today did not listen to me about reading the hell verbatim, so I had her monitored again, and she earned that minus fair and square! She was pissed. She kept talking over me. She did not thank me. Most of the people I discuss minuses with wind up thanking me.

One of the five new people today wound up quitting. She failed her saving roll vs. computers, I think. She wasn't suited for the job, and I'm glad she realized that as soon as she did. She was pleasant and would have been a decent co-worker in terms of personality. One of the other extreme n00bs is hyper as fucking hell; I had to tell him, literally, "Out of my face," today. He was leaning over my desk in search of the basket of "motivation" while I was trying to change booths over from non-dialer to automatic.

Note to employee: if your supervisor tells you "Out of my face," perhaps you need to learn about personal space, and what it is?

My job was off at 7, with one person remaining until 7:30. I was ready to get out of there pretty much at 8. Then Other Stuff attacked, and I wound up remaining until 9:15.
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