April 29th, 2006

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4 hours sleep. I should be used to this by now. The geeks will probably come in to work for repairs tonight.
phone, cordless phone

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Did the excel to LJ post this morning go through? someone text me, please?

Tea & Grumbling

Dawn's in town until Monday morning early, and won't be able to get away much. She's escaping at 8:30 tonight, and plotted that we might meet at Denny's for coffee or something.

"We", when it's us, unless it's explicitly a girls' night, always includes her Dave and my bondmate/best friend Darkside. Dave will be there tonight. Darkside ... I called. He said he'd love to, but couldn't. Alas. Busy.

Tea and grumbling: the upshot

As advertised: tea and grumbling. Much stress relief had by both. Dawn dropped her husband off at their hotel first, so it was just the two of us. (Yay! Girl talk time!) We hit Sonic for dinner and babbling.

The short of it is, Dawn's mom is moving and has a broken ankle. Dawn's mom in wheelchair because of this. Dawn's brother (Darth T. Rex) is local. Moving makes everyone stressy and cranky. Dawn's mom and Darth T. Rex both have a thing about needing to be in control. Cue up family angst exacerbated by the stresses of pain, unaccustomed temporary disability, and moving. 'Nuff said.

Dawn bursts onto scene from California, summoned on a semi-emergency basis thanks to all this, and tries playing peacemaker.

Poor Dawn.

We had a good old-fashioned gossip. She pointed out that I am probably to date the only girl who Darkside has brought home (well, for certain values of "brought home") who has actually gotten on with the parents. Since the only other girl who Darkside has brought home is Sis, and she very famously did not hit it off with either Lady Malfoy or Malfoy Senior, I feel encouraged, though this may not mean much/anything owing to small sample size and the unmistakable fact that while I may have been "brought home", so to speak, the one who was actually his girlfriend was the one who didn't get on with the parents. Though for long-term, getting on with the parents is best. Dawn thinks that getting on with the parents is a very good sign, especially because of the similarities between how Malfoy Senior interacts with Lady Malfoy compared to how Darkside interacts with me.

Dawn says that if she gets an invitation to a wedding, she is going to have to mightily resist saying "It's about time!" I was getting the "It's about time!" vibe from Dawn's sister-in-law (Mrs. Darth T. Rex) three years ago when I made a minor sensation at Dawn's wedding by catching the bride's flung rose and promptly taking a shocked seat on the floor.

ralmathon was the topic of much giggling, as he's got it baaaaaaaaaaad and will be moving to CA soon, following the girlfriend. Yay grad school! I called him and wished him a retroactive happy birthday as of Friday. He knew of no one else who would be calling from Phoenix and hailing him with a cheerful "What's up, bro?"

I introduced Dawn to "Code Monkey"; though my singing lacks something, I have the lyrics up to "no time for chat" down nearly word-perfect. She giggled extensively.

Am tempted to state "This job fulfilling in creative ways!" around work. A lot. I am also tempted to e-mail Dave Matthews Band Fan Geek with a link to the song, given what he said about the workplace on Friday.

Must e-mail the Queen Bee with the baby pics that Mama sent. The Queen Bee is doing some little project or other. Yay, her. (Her "little projects" are usually half-decent.)
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