May 2nd, 2006

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Sixaphone, sixaphone, friendly neighborhood sixaphone...

Delayed-action channel instafilk from last night or so. One of the Six Apart employees accidentally set stuff up so that sixaphone did not work quite as designed, and instead of getting the LJ phone post at one point, someone got him picking up the Sixaphone. Thus, I giggle and sing.

The sixaphone is ringing,
the code is on my box
It's got production code now,
what a nasty shock

Well, the sixaphone is ringing,
Is that Gizmo on the phone?
sixaphone is ringing,
Is that Gizmo on the phone?
The sixaphone is screaming,
Can't those posters phone home
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(no subject)

If you have been here long enough to know better, there is no excuse for not doing things properly. Utter loathing.
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Ways to get me to love you online

Ahh, the fun of membership on a fic list where someone regularly posts searches for fics, and then instead of leaving it a day or two to let people try and remember where they saw that fic, re-posts the original message with "still looking for #1 and #3, found #2 thanks!" pastede on the top, the moment someone finds one. Repeat every hour or so, for a digest-full of just this one person plus the multiple responses to them.

Glee. So much glee. And so much no one smacking them down. Argh.
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(no subject)

Working out again tonight. I hope to keep this up. I start and stop and start again, but at least I start.
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30 minutes of funky stairstep machine or until I run out of energy or water. I am a Phoenician, and will never exercise dry.
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PSA: LJ downtime

status and lj_maintenance say that some craxx0rbitches with half-decent skillz got some zombies together and started nibbling away at LJ. Shotguns have been rounded up, and LJ staff is cheerily blasting away.

The undead should be cleared out of here in a while, but meanwhile hang tight.

Some liberties have been taken with the actual technical details, but that's what it boils down to. Sort of.

[Edit: Wow, was down too? Yikes.]