May 8th, 2006

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A leap of faith

My original plan had been go and hang out with what remained of LepreCon, but I underestimated the amount of time I would spend at work and getting a snack after that. I found the hotel without problem, but people were cleaning up all the fun at that point.

So I went and saw Darkside. We spent about an hour standing outside talking shop in various forms. It really is a different experience being a supervisor than not being one. I also realized what an extraordinary amount of trust it takes for me to let someone walk behind me without turning to face them. We looked at the rabbit in the moon and talked about road construction. We played "spot the weeds in the rock lawn" and talked about the perils of Avaya. E-mail filter rules. Automatic summaries of massive amounts of e-mail, each with Viagra spelled a different way. Broken 800 number setups that don't transfer right, and wrong numbers being given out. Training. The Philosopher, and how he really does sound massively sketchy on the phone and should probably always be on the Dendarii survey, or should even transfer off $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB, and supervisory moments of pure *facepalm*. My excellent beta-tester. His plots. Zip code follies.

At the end of the day, it is still and always this man who I need to confess my fears and dreams to. Hardly completely, because we converse like we have unmedicated ADHD, slipping and sliding from topic to topic, circling and returning but consciousness streaming, playing off each other, but always him.

We need this more often, both of us, face to face babbling and giggling until words run dry and there's nothing left to talk about but the moon.
frickin' clue bat

We are inseparable sometimes.

  • The "rebranding" "celebration", and the changed desktop images, complete with my awesome co-worker Comic Pirate Super, whose wallpaper ordinarily looks like a starship console.

  • Account Executives, and junior AEs being PITAs.

  • Playing monkey games with forms to make things work when a human checkover says effin' no way.

  • Car vs. truck; bad road and midlife crisis.

  • Special Sekrit Project. ♥

  • IP address wackitychangity.

  • MySpace bitching ftw. Not.

  • Not only do I get to overhaul the training, I did enough work on it that I'm getting lead credit. OMG.

  • Trendy Chick was totally admiring/awed/scared by the way I told the fellow in no uncertain terms that he did not belong where he was at. This dude is phone goon with no *dream* of making anything other than phone goon unless his act becomes class, and he is deciding that the supervisors are his friends and hanging out in our areas. Not with the cool. So I told him that he should either be on the phones working, or waiting in the break room. Evidently I have that teacher thing going. Trendy Chick was sort of scared, because when I'm peeved, it seems like it's Hulk Smash time.

  • We loop. It comes around and again, each topic, and we go a little further each time here and there.

  • We're like a waking slumber party, really.

  • His computer systems = PITA.

  • My phone goons' computer systems = a lot simpler.

  • The outside lamps turned on while we were talking.

  • There is mad construction between here and there.

  • Why fake a dialer crash? Get someone to trip over the cord. ;)

  • Gotta Pimp. That Poser-Geek. (But we love him anyway.) Is like the #1 example of Sites Not To Visit. Except... hehe.

  • [His Dad] vs. Outlook/Outlook Express vs. [His Mom].

  • Co-workers, and why we love them. (And why they're very wrong.)

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    "Let Me Hold it Open" in my head (yes, trollprincess, it STUCK.)