May 10th, 2006

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It never ends.

We have Mother's Day off, so I'm going to go in early tomorrow and work either for seven hours, or until the training presentation is finished, whichever comes first. Snarky Lady has been praising my efforts to the skies, because evidently what I thought was a mediocre typing speed and an indifferent attention to detail is a swift typing speed, and evidently my high school hobby of polishing my novel with the blatant Mary Sue in it paid off well in the ability to check through stuff and make sure that any references to the old company name actually make sense. I also made sure that the formatting made sense, and it is waiting on management approval before it goes live., that made no sense. I started out talking about what I'm going to do tomorrow, and wound up talking about what I did today.

Which tells me I'm too tired, need sleep, and have a long day ahead of me.

I did get in both walking to work and then some workout time (yay me!) so I'm very ready for it. Also, a long hot bath and a bad romance novel.
running, bomb tech

(no subject) -- must read this when I have time.
Must get back to The Fic. The hisssssstorical one, nudge nudge wink wink.
"Last One Standing" author "mabtng" on Gossamer -- must look up. "It's a long way to Escobar" -- translated fic I should check out -- has archives of those Spiderman edits. Yes, those. "My krakk call worked!" -- locked. A character exercise that gave me some greater understanding of things in my actual life.
running, bomb tech

Random Morning

Burping LJ -- Looks like the admins patted LJ on the back, and it's now glurking up old comment notifications and so forth. I am attempting to get up and out and ready for the day.

I got some spray-on sunscreen the last time I was at Target. Lotion sunscreen does not do so well with my fumbling and bumbling morning routine. I'm hoping that spray sunscreen will do a lot better. So far it has. I have put it on the past two days in a row, and that's better than my track record with lotion. I have skin that will tan, but I'm fair enough that I do not want to tan very much, and I will probably burn in Arizona sun anyway.

It is like there is a countdown to when I will finally ultimately lose the end-cap for Old Bean. The business end of the USB port is protected by a cap as shiny and silvery as the rest of the stick, and I have already managed to misplace it at least twice. I call poor design on the fact that it's hard to plug in headphones while the thing is plugged in to a computer. But then, it's not like it was supposed to have good design or anything.

So. I'm awake now, I've had sushi enough to fuel me through a morning of assorted design, so I'll be packing up my computer for the day fairly soon.
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so tired. too tired to write.

Say you have a fellow player in an MMORPG with perhaps a little more caution than good sense, and perhaps a little more $CURRENCY than is wise for that particularly low level. So where do you send her to exchange a little of that $CURRENCY for some experience?

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Writers group. Yay. We have a form to fill out over the thing that is organizational. I am restoring my blood sugar. I was a little out of it when I went to give plasma because I didn't sleep quite enough and then I spent five hours head-down in powerpoint. That presentation is looking very decent. A presentation that's just a few pages is easy. Mine is over twenty pages now, and I could really use a hypercard stack to simulate the survey to lead people through it. Most of the tricky stuff is at the beginning, so that's where I'm hitting the hardest. I have the other presentation sent off to Management.

I still have to build the stuff for the inner parts of the survey. There are special instructions, but nothing as complex as the front bit.

Argh, hyper. I found my green highlighter. There's a photo of my highlighter stack on the badge in Petridish. I have ... rather a lot of highlighters. I use pretty much all of them, and a lot.

Boys are easy. Sorta.
I am so tired.

azwriter is reading some of her writing. She does Christian fiction. There was a "trust your instincts" moment, and meacu1pa and I started in with Star Wars goofing, miming a Darth Vader.

Really not my cup of tea.

Do you get head at a head shop?

There's ... um. Brain go boom. I think this is just as well. Collated copies. Cubicles. Lack of speakerphone.

I'm getting credit for the stuff I'm doing. Trendy Chick is getting credit for her helping out my spreadsheet. I get to code the, um. Thing. Seating chart thing. I need to start getting that coded. I should go and start ... hm, I'll take a look at the source code of ... right, ASP. So I want to go ahead and start learning some fun script things; maybe I can make a working prototype. Of course, that'll turn into something that gets kept, instead of doing it all right and proper, and the future generations of IT will curse me.

I've overloaded now, and I have a fic thing to be obligated to. So tonight that's probably going to be my thing. I may go home early. I may go home and sleep.

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madonna by ursulav

(no subject)

Orifi -- bad plural of orifice. Also the name for an interstellar gate (proposed).

Watermelon carving! (hmm, one could really do this with a certain Potions Master.)

Still so tired. I should go home early from dinner.