May 13th, 2006

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Links: fury and funny; random and silly; research If this were Barrayar, I'd petition my Count to find out the truth of this. If my Count denied me, I would petition my Countess. If she denied me, I would petition the Empress. The Sound of Science (filk by incandescens)

Benadryl and alcohol get me fucked-up in ways that are pretty much opposite at first: benadryl gives me access to a very limited number of words. Alcohol, on the other hand... The first inhibition that is repealed is the inhibition against using the long words. cite

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Kaboom! And Powerpoint.

There was excitement tonight at work. There were viruses from booth 2 to booth 40. Everyone had to move out of there and into a new area. My consanguinary co-worker commented that it was this sort of thing that was very exciting and felt very important and urgent. (We give plasma at the same place. This leads to a certain connection.)

Tonight I was working almost exclusively on the powerpoint presentation for $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB, and managed to crash PowerPoint about five times. There's this thing where it will crash if you do something with a connector, but I don't know quite exactly enough to reliably duplicate it. On about the fifth time, I followed the bloody link to MS, and of course that meant hey, there was an update! Of course, I don't have root on my box, so I couldn't do it myself. Snagged the URL, described the problem to the best of my ability, asked where I should send it.

Turns out that Dave Matthews Band Fan was still in the building, so Obso1337 Super told me to sneakernet my tech support request over there. So I did. We had a field trip back to field (he was getting tired of doing whatever he was doing, plus I suspect he has a soft spot for me, since I'm Reasonably Geek and will occasionally bring in doughnuts for those dreadful mornings after the overnighter) and he poked and prodded at my box. Collapse )
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It gives me great personal satisfaction to announce that "Mike JONES", the young man who talked with an underage respondent about crack and where to find it, is no longer with the workplace.

The full story of his brief stay with us has been tagged.
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another workday

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Booga booga booga. I need to set up the Spanish callbacks.

Some people do not thrill me. Really.

Callbacks in Spanish are now set up. People with bad reports have been talked to.

My commentary on Blak is not extensive, but vehement. This proves amusing for those around me. Perhaps more amusing to them is the fact that my favorite humor columnist said it was dreadful, so I had to try it.

One of the new trainee supervisors thought that the truly hysterical thing was that this is an online humor columnist who doesn't even have an active humor column anymore who had prompted me to purchase this vile substance.

I need to bring in one of the bottles of the stuff for Shotzie (one of our current senior phone goons), who collects Coke bottles. She's welcome to the vile brew.

OMG ID10T error.
Respondent: "You're a dumbass."
The Philosopher: "It takes one to know one."

It was not on tape, but I verily laminated his ass for that, and he was much penitent.

The Philosopher is not gathering much of a fan club around here, mostly because he is so bloody incompetent.

Being competent and friendly leads to good rapport with supervisors.

Being incompetent and friendly leads to the supervisors really wanting to avoid the hell out of you.

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And then some days you wonder why you bother staying sane. It sometimes seems like the people I least want to talk to are
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.. are intent on having half hour conversations with me. OMG goslings. Gander?
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The turnaround from Friday night to Saturday morning is brutal. There's so much energy you have to dump after a good Friday night shift, and then you have to be up at 6:30 to be in at work at 7:30.