May 26th, 2006

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Gender has rarely been an issue of confusion for me. Quite a bit of this is because my parents raised me without a lot of the weird gender hangups and stereotypes that held over from the beginning of the century. I grew up knowing that dishes were for everybody, laundry was for everybody, setting traps for vermin was for Dad because Mama was squeamish, ironing shirts was for Dad because Mama didn't get it right, ironing quilt fabric was for Mama because Dad didn't make quilts, and listening to Tay-Tay's stupid violin tapes was for everybody because Tay-Tay didn't want to wear headphones.

I grew up able to shrug off a lot of gender preconditioning when I hit adolescence and then adulthood. There are no boy chores and girl chores. There are still girl clothes that are not boy clothes, but not a whole lot of boy clothes that are not girl clothes, but that's a societal thing. (It bothers me that some of my co-workers are fundamentally bothered by the thought of Spongebob's dumb friend the starfish wearing fishnet stockings.)

Hard and fast "girls don't" and "boys don't" rules bother me. As a general rule, the only "girls don't" and "boys don't" that I care to take seriously involve the original equipment manufacturer anatomy, except that people who are strongly mentally gendered who are born into a body with the wrong plumbing totally turn those things upside down.

Statistically speaking, there are always people on the fringes. If you set the scope too narrow and hard, no one fits and everyone hurts. If you set it too wide and fuzzy, there are no differences, and the wonderful rainbow of possibility is greyed out in a muddy blur. Best to make generalizations. "Many girls." "Many boys."
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PSA: 'busy' does not even begin to cover it. 'brain-dead' might.

Got home, and didn't even realize I hadn't read all my comments/read all my friendspage, I was that mentally exhausted. No time in the mornings to do near unto anything, though I did finish off reading yesterday's friendspage.

So, if there's anything I need to know about (or anything that you think I would enjoy) drop a comment.

I might read it sometime in the next century...

'k. Running out door for work...NOW.
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Appearance transcendant, perhaps? or apathetic. Same result, different motivation. Or deprioritized.
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Insanity happens in small doses throughout the day.

I am starting to develop a routine for supervisor
tasks. I suppose the trick is to keep doing them and
not let them get OMG HUGE. Therefore, the spreadsheets
are getting pulled up at the beginning of the night
ready for me to start entering the stuff I can enter
as soon as I can enter it, and that way I will only
have to enter the time-sensitive stuff as it becomes

OMG. Just -- everything happens so fast. Today we are
having sample issues with one of the Spanish jobs.
Good job I trust my phone goons; they're a really
solid bunch. Though the one dude is often late.

The Queen Bee Monitor has found another job! I am sure
that the entire company will join me in wishing her
the best at her new job!

"There was an ass-whuppin', but no sue-ing." (On
whether a respondent was technically "irate" or not)

*Weirdest* request from a phone goon yet: "Can you
blow in my eye, please?!" Evidently there may have
been something stuck in her eye. And blowing on it was
the only thing she could think of to help. Oooookay.

The Hyper Guy had bounced up to me to ask me a
question when she came up in her tizzy; after she had
departed (thanking me), he asked, "...Could you...
blow in my ear?"

I cracked up, and considered his request to go and
take two drags on a cigarette more favorably.
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Metal Dave told me a funnel was empty. I told him how to get to the menu to fix it. It was like I could see it.
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I am developing a system to handle the paperwork. Once I am used to that, stuff will flow a lot more smoothly.
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The princess is on leave until August. It must be very hard having small kids and working. I think a 3 adult household
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.. is the minimum I would want for all working or in school with kids to care for. Egads.