June 6th, 2006


Memes come to me only to die a horrible death: lists of 5 things!

http://divalion.livejournal.com/163615.html -- not related, but funky dating stuff.

kilarneyblarney tagged me to fill this one out. Some of these may not be the best questions for me, as my TV/movie experience is limited, and I really don't have much intention of expanding it.

Top 5 actors
Leonard Nimoy -- I think he was my first Actor Crush.
David Duchovny -- I adore Mulder.
Patrick Stewart -- Picard first, then I realized he was multi-charactered!
Kenneth Branaugh -- OMG HOT. I think his least attractive role is Lockhart, though.
Bruce Willis -- Loved him in 5th Element. I like most of his other stuff that I've seen.

Top 5 actresses
Drew Barrymore -- OMG cute. And she can almost make me forget that she's Drew Barrymore, and immerse me in her character. I can sometimes not recognize her when she's really deep in character.
Jodie Foster -- her work in Panic Room made me a fan. Should check out some of her other stuff.
Claudia Christian -- Ivanova, yay!
There are probably countless other female actors who I would squee over and see what else they're in, but no one else really comes to the top of my screaming-fangirl list. I haven't seen enough movies with the same women to really register the ones who consistently impress me with their work.

Top 5 fandoms
Potter -- whole lot of nice fic out there.
X-Files -- need I say more, other than MSR for the win?
Star Wars -- ahh, the classics.
Star Trek -- more classics!
Sith Academy -- first slash fandom!

Top 5 'Ships
Mulder/Scully -- dysfunctional relationship + Obvious Deep Connection = bulletproof kink.
Maul/Obi-Wan -- a romance for the ages.
Harry/Ron/Hermione -- I have a hard time splitting them up.
Ron/Draco -- it makes no sense, so any fic that can sell the pairing to me is pretty good.
Harry/Ron -- Romance involving teenage boys is best accomplished fictionally, and far away.

Top 5 things you love to do
Spend time with Darkside
Spend time on LJ
Hang with writers' group and #lj_support
Geek out

Top 5 things you dislike
Not getting to spend enough time with Darkside
People who don't even attempt to do their job right
Nasty secrets

Top 5 things you'd take to a deserted island (no people)
Survival gear (Kind of necessary)
Portable solar/manual power generator (I don't own one, but it's sort of necessary for the next two...)
Laptop & cords
Cellphone & cords (including the one to connect it to the laptop for use as a modem, which I don't own one of yet either.)
Cyteen (one of the few books I can finish reading, then turn around and re-read)

Top 5 famous people you'd shag
At this point in time, I would not/could not. I'm still wired poly, but last year demonstrated that I cannot even go into heavy petting with another bondmate without the approval of the Primary Bondmate. And if I can't even do that with another bondmate without clearance, there's absolutely no way that someone who isn't even a bondmate would get past heavy petting. Famous doesn't mean they're going to be a bondmate. ...Fictional characters I'd shag if I were Mary Sue-ed into their universe? That's another story.

Mulder (though that would probably really piss off Scully, and my character would probably die horribly.)
Benedick (I'd have to be Beatrice for this to work out at all well)
Zach (OC, OU, total Gary Stu of someone from my distant past; mad, bad, and dangerous to know)
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This is not starting out to be a particularly well-organized month. Drat it.

On the other hand, I do wind up doing finances best when I can play with it online. Having auto lender and primary bank be one and the same (and having it all coordinated under one login!) is going to be very convenient for making sure I get that loan paid down as fast as possible. Being able to make quick electronic transfers the moment I see that I have some spare funds is a Very Good Thing.

The office said that I am to be trained on a system of the Queen Bee's, in preparation for the Queen Bee moving on to another workplace. I am distinctly flattered that I am chosen as her successor.

I got more St. John's Wort yesterday. I had been low for a few days and out for at least two days. I must remember that while I am not doing well at recovering from things that would be only slightly emotionally jarring, that this too shall pass. I do not like it when I go around all day obsessed with something that I should be able to brush off for the span of the workday because I am able to do nothing about it! I do not like it at all!

Linguistic pet peeves: "In lieu of May month end close coinciding with the Memorial Day holiday in the US; please remember to complete your timesheet for this week before you leave for the extended weekend. " Anybody see what is wrong with this?

Let's try some substitution. "Instead of May month end close coinciding with the Memorial Day holiday in the US; please remember to complete your timesheet for this week before you leave for the extended weekend." Doesn't make a fucking bit of sense. I'm not sure where you learned that "in lieu of" means "because of", dear person who sends out corporate e-mails, but it is wrong. Please re-learn ASAP that "in lieu of" means "instead of" or "in place of".

Snarky Lady saw my car in the parking lot, and immediately knew it had to be mine: who else would have a Darth Vader window decal? Darkside reported identifying my car based on the same marking. (That and the rainbow on the back and the star on the rearview mirror, but he didn't mention those in front of his mom.)

Today looks like a very quiet day on the job front. I already have comic fodder, in the form of "iSupervise" -- using your iPod on the job is Not Recommended. Really.
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I suppose it would be rather odd if his friends started treating us as a unit as well. Though not without precedent.
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I feel as if I have passed some obscure and unannounced test. He does not get paranoid over me being near his parents anymore.
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