June 7th, 2006

running, bomb tech

night turns into day

I did Stupid Thing with microwave wax and now my sink is full of microwave plate with schmears and globules of wax and not-microwave-safe plastic stuck to it.

I look forward to tomorrow. Wednesdays are not much time, but they are good for what they are.

Thursday is likely to be inconvenient. I dare not stay out late Wednesday, for I am to be in training with the Queen Bee on Thursday and Friday, potentially in the mornings.

My e-mail is down to under 100 items. This is good!

I have all my R.E.M. retrieved and rated. This is good! I am amused to find that "Country Feedback" is the only song that I rated below a 3.

"He wouldn't be our morally ambiguous blackhearted darling if he weren't so good at fooling people!" -- me to cmwinters on our faith in Snape and the existence of people who believe that Snape is the worst thing since nasally-fitted fire.
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running, bomb tech

♥ for Abuse

!peas has ♥ for the Abuse team, who keep things running smoothly behind the scenes most of the time.

Abuse Team, I love you for caring enough to call the real live meatspace cops when you get wind of violence or someone acting suicidally in their journals. One of my friends stuck a goodbye message in her journal -- and it wasn't somebody who contacted you that found it first, it was her housemates -- but nevertheless, her life was saved because she posted to her journal and her friends caught her in time. You do that for people who don't have local friends. You and the local authorities are their loving arm of What the fuck were you thinking?!?!!?!? When someone's voice posting and they get jumped, who we gonna call? Not Ghostbusters. You.

I love you for not making people's personal problems common gossip. Some stuff is too big to be kept private, but in those cases, the leak does not come from your side of the issue.

I love you for cracking down like the Wrath of Gods upon spammers, scammers, and trolls. I love you for letting communities work out their own problems, only stepping in when it has gone beyond the ability of the community to handle internally. I love you for not getting truly ban-happy and banning every goddamn asshole who trolls up a news post, although some of them could really do with a warning that they should probably STFU now. I love you for giving people warning that what they are doing is not allowed before going and taking actual action.

I love you for devoting your time to keeping LJ safe and healthy, even though it sucks up time, energy, and joy. I love you for being human at the end of the day, even though much of your job requirements involve looking and acting like a bunch of interchangeable and faceless robots blindly carrying out the Rules.

I'm glad you're here, and I'm honored to spend some of my time online hanging out with some of you.