June 10th, 2006

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Things I did today:

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  • Discovered that the spreadsheets may not be moved, as they employ absolute addressing, not relative addressing, in a whole nest of related spreadsheets, and I don't know how to get it out.

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  • Utter panic-scene when computers randomly began to reboot themselves after unzipping something. Panic, chaos, disorder, and downtime. I was just about cussing. The "something" proved to be a Cisco Security Agent update file. We lost a couple surveys. Dammit.

  • At length I was allowed to go back and finish training. Rather bizarre.

  • The lady who upset everyone's April Fool's Day has been calling in every two days or so. She called while I was in the office. This, appropriately enough, was right on top of a discussion about the "NEVER" individuals -- such as "Mike JONES!" and the One-Man Bald Nudity Crusade. It is fortunate for us all that the One-Man Bald Nudity Crusade does not call the workplace. Many people fight with the vending machines. Not many people claim that the vending machine companies are conspiring with the workplace to steal people's money. Even fewer declare that it is better to do business with drug dealers (because they give you what you pay for).

  • The Queen Bee hugged us all goodbye. She is one of those people who is a lot easier to get along with if you're working directly with her, because she does not come off well in limited indirect contact, especially when she is just initiating contact to reprimand.

  • I didn't get to take my break until after 3:30.

  • My elder clone's boyfriend turned 40 today! Hooray, him!

I came back early from break and BSed a bit with my elder clone, who was in the copy room working on a project. Dave Matthews Band Fan Geek blew past us, and said "Joan, dammit." Intrigued, I followed him out to the bullpen, where he proved to be installing the Flash player I had asked about on one of the computers.

Work outsources dinner en masse, with all of us ordering from one place at a time and pitching in our share of the cost of the total order, and sending one person to get it all. Unfortunately, not all of us have all of the menus of all of the places memorized, and some places (like Wendy's) have their menus locked up needing Flash player to see the stuff. Computers are without said player. I privately e-mailed Dave Matthews Band Fan Geek, asking (unofficially) if he could please put that on the bullpen computers, though I could see why if that wasn't possible.
I am going to owe him. He's been calling me "Joan, dammit" because of this -- but it's on that computer now. It's not going to be on all of them, but that one machine has it installed. All of our menu-related needs are to be taken care of over there. Score!

I was horizontal for a while after I came home, but then I went and worked out. Someone was on my funkystairstepper favorite machine, so I did arm stuff, then hit the exercise bike until she was done. I got in at least a half-hour, maybe a whole hour. I didn't check the time when I got in. At least 10 minutes on the bike, then 20 on the funkystairstepper.

Tomorrow should be a decent day.
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A flying leap of cognition

Drew Rev. Not-So-Nice Super and put horns on him. He
totally dug the picture and snagged it. Go, me!

Drew a "dripping with sarcasm" cartoon for the Harley

Am busting assorted people for playing with their
electronic devices when they should be working, like
the iPod guy. "Busted!" I told him.

I think I am watching Mythbusters a little too much.

"An air sandwich! With mustard! ... So, basically, if
I squirt some mustard in her face, that's what I'm
giving her." --Rev. Not-So-Nice Super

Am singing little bits of random song here and there.
"Only thing to do is jump over the moon" is the scrap
of the moment. Another favorite is "Much rather wake
up, eat a coffee cake, take bath take nap".

Today is a good day for sketching. I should have
brought my work comic binder.
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(no subject)

Talked to Darkside. 7 minutes. He took the time out from watching a movie. Asked how work was. Only in imagination the 'honey'.
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(no subject)

The first half hour of working out were not enough. I an blessed with the kind of natural athlete body that likes it.
trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats


Like I said from AzureGhost, my body finds it very easy to get addicted to exercise, and I will try to continue exercising through "ooo, more is better, right?" even past my body giving the "Um, food now!" signals. I figure that I did about 50 minutes on the funkystairstepper and then ten assorted more on the other weight machines, doing the fronts of my legs, my pecs, and my arms. Fortunately, I caught myself as my body was giving the beginning warning signals, so all continues good in Lunatic-land, without any crashing.

Someone left machines logged in as admin, wide open. I e-mailed my contact in the department mentioning this (I shut down or locked as appropriate), no cc. I have geek loyalty, and telling anyone else of note that this happened is not the way to go. I signed the note "Joan, dammit". I let select people in the bullpen know, because it is something that needs to be watched out for, but one e-mail to Dave Matthews Band Fan Geek should be sufficient to "handle" it so far as we are concerned. I also told Stressy College Chick about watching out for phone goons with USB drives plugged in to the machines, and how this is not appropriate, first because they shouldn't be mucking about with the machine, and second because of the hazard of bootable disks with exploits.

After working out came laundry. Hooray laundry. I can multitask with laundry and shower at the same time. Yay, laundry and shower. Then dishes. Now bedtime. Hooray bedtime. Even though now that I have eaten and showered, my body is all "hey, can't we go play again?"

This is in addition to walking to work today.

Conversation with Darkside was very nice and warm. I was not expecting a conversation of such length, given that I'd interrupted him. He caught me when I was going to say goodbye, and inquired about my day at work. This had the (perhaps unintended) effect of melting me... He doesn't tend to ask this question, and it surprised me. Um. He cares?
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