June 14th, 2006

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I made the night of my hardware girl. I acted out that queen of wands tech support cartoon for her while we wait.
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Could not find proper product recovery cd. The XP cd did not work: corrupted file. 3 days to send new disks. Visibly upse
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I love me my Shawn. We went from "Ma'am, please don't cry" from tech support to "ok, an enclosure" in under 10 minutes.
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I owe him doughnuts. Meanwhile, anyone who wants to contact me should do so with LJ text message or phone.
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I need that moment curled up next to Darkside more than ever now. So many things to do tomorrow. Not sane about my own bo
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It (might) live!^h^h^h^h^h^h^h IT LIVES!!!!

Brought myself and my machine into work. The plan was
to check my e-mail, check my bank account, and make
sure I had the fundage to get a new HD and an
enclosure for same, plus take it to the local geek
shop to get the thing looked at.

The plan was that they would take their copy of XP
Home, and reinstall it on the new HD using my (legit!)
key that I got with the machine from the BOfD. Then,
old HD + enclosure + antivirals like woah = OT3 for
data recovery.

That was the plan. But I came in to work like a
zombie, noticed the break room closure, wound up
leading the one n00b (the guy who'd dealt with the
abused child on the phones and called in the mechanism
of the workplace to let the local police know) back
through fulfillment into the back break room to stash
his stuff in the refrigerator... and wound up talking
to the Dave Matthews Band Fan Geek. (Since the Trendy
Chick calls him Turbo, I will probably start calling
him that in here too, because that is a far shorter
name and it suits him.) He said, from the description,
that it was probably a HD issue, he doesn't trust
Dell's diagnostics, and to go ahead and bring it in
and he could see if he could recover any data! Sweet!

"I'll bring it right in," I said, and
disappeared back to the bullpen, retrieved Thalia from
my backpack, and marched back cradling her, with a big
ol' grin on my face. "You in love?" our team's trainee
asked. "Yep!" I said, and patted Thalia.

Turbo asked after her NIC and explained that that's
how he slurps the data out. He wanted to know how old
she is, because the standard is internal wireless now.
Her NIC wasn't standard, but he said he'd dig around
and see if he could find drivers.

(a bit later)

"Check this out," he said. "The moment I plugged it in
and started downloading, it said it had bad sectors on
there. So I'm forcing it to go sector by sector..."
He's getting it onto like 5 DVDs for me, and he'll see
if he can't get the HD shipped back to them, being as
it's defective.

My thought? Call up the BOfD, get my unnecessary
software support charges reversed (!!!), ship the damn
HD back to them and get a replacement under my fucking
hardware warranty, recommend further diagnostics for
the hardware team, give Customer Service praise to the
hardware girl I talked to (she and I had a great time
with each other; I gave a dramatic recitation of the
Queen of Wands "This is TECHNICAL. I need a MAN!"
strip; we giggled) and see if I can get something for
my time and trouble, because OMG STRESS!

Meanwhile, I may well go and get a new HD and then
come back here. Because, wow.

I need to refine my UnF spreadsheet. There are new
things we need to do. OMG stressz0rs.
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No Loafing!

I am officially "loafing", and not on the clock. I had
to clarify this, because there were questions as I did
not appear to be working.

Loafing is reasonably OK, as I am not even pretending
to work. Getting computer fixed. I hope. I am online
with Dell Chat, whee. I plan to amuse myself with the
chat logs.

1:58:52 PMNishant_01120928Are you using a different
computer to chat with me?
1:59:02 PMYouYes. I am using a computer at work.
1:59:35 PMYouThey asked me what I was doing here; I
said I was loafing and not on the clock. ;)
1:59:54 PMYouThey said OK because it's my day off.
2:00:59 PMNishant_01120928I see:-)

WTF? HD on Inspiron 1000 is not a customer-replacable
part? I'll be getting a second opinion on that, d00d!

Steps to test the blamed thing. Lo, I am fucking
boooored. I await them with great waiting-ness.
...ah. Steps. Oi.

OK, I will be doing this. Once Turbo gives the system
back. And I will be attempting to make it run

Stressy College Chick thinks MySpace is for losers,
because it's only for teenagers. She says that
everyone at work who is on MySpace is a loser, except
for her friend who corresponds with her kids. Because
it's for teenagers!

I say that it's all about how you're using MySpace. If
you're an adult and using it to act like a teenager?
Then yeah, you might want to grow up. But if you're
taking it and using it in a mature fashion,
communicating with friends and having fun and avoiding
drama like a mature person, then it's just like an
adult maturely using any other teen-dominated method
of communication.
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Chaos! Panic! Disorder!

Eeep! She's back!

"I know politics bore you..."

Eeep, redscreens. Gonna tell

That was fun. Told Turbo. Nondescript Geek came over
and is working hard. All is insanity. Priority on my
non-job-related PC problem = lowered! Ran around
assisting & being OMG GEEK SPEAK GEEK to the
Nondescript Geek; troubleshot a bad login record of
some sort and an IP address conflict out of a
gazillion non-problems.

Nondescript Geek is putting tracers on the machines
with repeated redscreens.

Name of the game is "don't panic". All told I may have
like .5 hour of chargable assist time, but for the
most part I am loooooooooafing.

I don't think I'll be able to give plasma today, but
maybe I can charge some of the time I spent
not-loafing and helping people out. Because OMG that
was a lot of redscreens. Nondescript Geek and Emo
Glasses Geek (a new guy) are going and doing a -t ping
to see wtf is up. Destination host is unreachable a
lot of the time.

I have our Naomi-necklace on. At least this is
distracting me from our own misery. There are certain
physical after-effects to bawling one's eyes out and
then staying up until dawn watching Princess
, no matter how decent I am feeling at
this point.

OMG tired.

Helping troubleshoot: earning my keep. Am legs and
eyes in some cases.