June 15th, 2006

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Writers group good. Read a hastily-written essay about the computer problems. Got period and jury summons yesterday.
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My dear figment said yes to a workplace security app question about installing something unknown. I allowed him to live.
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The guy knuckles under to perceived authority too damn easily. Should point out the flaw. Like a guest account with root.
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Loafing after the shift

Got Thalia back from Turbo. Updating here tonight
before I go home so I won't be all stressed-out;
making sure I get my e-mail read and stuff.

Turned out yesterday that all the red screen
disconnects from telnet were due to a bad switch of
some sort. Obso1337 Super said it "caught fire"; I
checked with Turbo and it was really just smoking a
little. Had it actually caught fire, the whole room
would have been flooded with Halon 1301 (IIRC from the
signs on the room) and everybody in there would have
been dead. (Job hazards!) The switch was replaced and
everybody was happy.

Wound up doing some troubleshooting; turns out that
about 5-10 of the machines are having the Cisco
Security Agent trigger and make a fuss about
explorer.exe -- and of course when you try and
terminate that, your task bar doesn't come up.
Told Turbo about this problem after I verified WTF was
going on. He gave me permission to fuck around with
some of the systems, because the worst that would
happen is he'd have to re-image a few machines. (OMG.
IT just gave me permission to fuck with computers.
Will wonders never cease?) Told him I had thrown fear
of God into a dude who was indiscriminately allowing
things to install.

Oh, and Bill Gates is stepping down. That was the big
gossip around the IT department today. Not that I was
in there much.

I spent a good 2 hours, it seemed like, working on
various bitchy machines. 2 hours that IT does not have

Let's see. Got the machine back. I'll be running
diagnostics tonight after I get home. Though I want to
go and get some groceries -- I am completely out of
bread, and am low on some other things.

Today I was really too busy to think. I know I got
snappish because I was rather overtired and crowded
and all that stuff. I'm glad Ponytail Dave was helping
me watch my job, because I would have soo been in a
lot of trouble otherwise.

I got to do a live briefing, and the monitors were
listening and the Trader Joe's Queen Monitor thought I
did a really good job. I need to print out the thing
for the briefing guide -- or something. Wonder if I
can get away with shoving the slides into the front.
45 minutes, it takes to cover it properly.

OMG tired. Really, really, really. The one dude with
the iPod was turned around in his booth throwing wads
of paper at the guy who isn't 5 anymore, and then had
the nerve to say it was the other guy. "Yeah, when
you're the one with the ammo by your elbow," I
commented, then wound up cracking up as I left the

...I am not really all that good at keeping a straight
face when I need to, I think.

My almost-twin from elementary school dreamed I
e-mailed her on our birthday.
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I will not be able to keep up with the friends list if this goes on, so if there is anything you would like me to see, li