June 20th, 2006

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Day off!

My day today:

Played around on internet on Thalia's old drive on IE. Realized this was going nowhere. Finished reading Blood Debt while installing XP on Mnemosyne. Reached a pausing point and went off to give plasma. Movie of the day was Cellular, which I'd enjoyed half-watching on another trip there. I am realizing that the fantasy detective novel with romance in is probably my favorite genre ever, especially when there is Silly.

Attempted to go to the Herb Stop, since I was sort of on that side of town. Got delayed by bodily function which pointed out that my plasma wound had leaked all over the gauze and was trying to start getting all over me. Washed up some. Didn't make it in time to get there while they were open. Wandered about and wound up in Trader Joe's, where strawberries and champagne were where it was at. (51 hours last week. I deserve it.) Next, BookStar, where Smoke and Shadows and Smoke and Mirrors, not to mention some more hot ateva action, became mine.

"Do you have a Barnes and Noble card?" the clerk asked me.

"Somewhere under the strawberries," I said.

She decided that she's going to be switching her MySpace name to "Under the Strawberries" on general principle.

There was a bird in a fountain. I may have gotten photos. I may not have gotten very good ones, but it was a very pretty moment.

Sprouts. I searched for tea. I could not find the vanilla almond black tea that I was looking for. I like vanilla flavored teas. I did find a different one, also by Republic of Tea, so I will try that. I also got Republic of Tea Ginger Peach. Experimentation! Then pizza and home. Pizza and e-mail and book and shower and CGI:IRC and continuing to set up Mnemosyne.

And strawberries.

I should see about the bubbly before I finally do crash out to bed. I feel like pampering myself. Life is too short to treat yourself poorly. The plasma place noticed that my habit of exercising and trying to eat right is starting to pay off in notable results. I can feel the difference in the muscle tone of my legs, and that's really what I was looking for!
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The kind of day I've been having

Came in early; started setting up job. The trainee is running it today. Hooray! Therefore, monitoring today.

Ponytail Dave was out yesterday and today; I think he’s back on Thursday. He said he was going to see family in Mexico.

For the most part, people are behaving themselves today. Some of them are not, of course, but there has not yet been anything that would cause me to rise up screaming and want to slay someone.