June 26th, 2006

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Should we talk about the weather?

It feels great to be able to talk about my car when I mention car-related things. Today was hot and sticky. I was getting alternately overheated and chilled inside. I got hot the moment I walked outside, even with clouds; the air holds the heat when it's damp.

I drove to the mall with the air conditioning on full blast. I try to avoid that, because it takes a lot of power that could be staying in my gas tank, but I did not want to overheat and fry. I was still pink and sweating after obtaining the birthday gift. Then I drove out to Mesa.

The roads were surprisingly clear, so I was able to maintain a decent speed. But once I got close to Mesa, the wind kicked in. ("How many laws did you break?" Darkside wanted to know. "I wouldn't say break," I hedged. "Bent?" he suggested helpfully. "I wasn't driving as fast as your dad! The wind--" "--Had already knocked them over for you, I see." (And in strict point of fact, I had been maintaining pace with the rest of traffic, and had gone slower than many people due to the fact that the wind was bouncing poor Gemini around.))

It turns out that a dust storm with sporadic spurts of rain turns the windshield into a mud storm. Dry + poor ground cover/construction/buildup of dirt, dust, and litter on the roads = dust. Dust + wind = dust storm. Dust storm with not enough water to damp the dust down = mud storm.

I half wanted to stay out there in it.
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Stupid arguments I should not have had to have participated in today:

The topic of the argument: "Throw the poison away and get some real breakfast."

Pro: me, Trendy Chick.
Con: Trendy Chick's would-be geek buddy, who thought that it was perfectly OK to leave his leftover takeout Chinese food out overnight in the bullpen on a shelf and then eat it in the morning. This wasn't stable foods like bread and raw veggies. This was takeout leftovers.

A discussion of basic food handling safety ensued, with dude holding forth that he didn't believe that such things were necessary or real -- everyone else's wussy stomachs might not be able to handle it, but he had the Real Thing, and did this all the time with no ill effects.

"Don't blame us if you DIE," I finally told him.

The discussion raged on for most of the morning without me.
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Day Off; an Answer to a Question

I am trying to remember that since I am shopping for myself now, I do not have to get the things that I "need to" have. And since I am not as painfully broke as we used to be, I can get what I actually want instead of what I was going to settle for: for example, because I am disinclined to spend overmuch time on preparation when I just want a snack, I can go ahead and get the great huge vegetable platter. I just proved my point by snacking from that instead of having a proper lunch.

Things at the plasma place were very fast. I was called only a few minutes after I sat down, and the donation was done in 4 cycles, the last two having some "Smart Last Cycle" action going on. The movie of the moment was Catwoman. I've seen it at least twice before, so I read one of my rescued romance novels instead.

The romance novels seem to indicate where the bulk of the cutdown is going to come in Circle of Fire. There is not all that much exposition; the story just jumps in with loins hot and issues blazing. Circle of Fire has exposition, and not much loin-blazing going on yet. I'm writing it like contemporary fantasy, not like a romance novel.

Yesterday, after I had gotten back into the car after emerging from the mall, I looked at the pink and slightly blurred remains of the careful lipstick job I'd done a few hours before (when I thought I'd be leaving at 3pm) and asked the Whispering1: "How does [Darkside] prefer to see me?"

I was expecting an answer of either "The way you naturally are," or "a little bit of makeup so you look your best, but nothing overdone or slutty."

What I got, instead, was so very unexpected and direct that I had no doubts of the veracity of the answer: "Smiling."

1 "The Whispering" is a term lifted directly from Diane Duane's fantasy series involving both young and cat wizards; it is the name of the direct source of wizardly knowledge. It is unquestionably good and also obscure. One asks a question of it, or one is just in a situation, and the Whispering makes one aware of what is going on, or what to do, like asking a question of a mentor and having them whisper enough information to work from directly in your ear.
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