June 28th, 2006

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http://cadhla.livejournal.com/1089703.html?#cutid1 -- latest bit of recent Martin's Passage fic.
http://community.livejournal.com/suggestions/623832.html -- one of the worst cases of "Get off my side! You're making us look bad!" I've seen for a while. Because. OMG NO.

Wound up working on the Disk Project of Doom (again) at work today, as well as helping out around the workplace. There was the "OMG we've been merged a year!" party, complete with punch and cake. Keychain flashlight swag. I put mine on my pen-lanyard, because a flashlight is useful when diving under tables to deal with cables.

Even though I am hardly SuperGeek, I am nevertheless called upon to do stuff at work as if I were. Today I was called over to see what the problem was with a machine that was not letting the phone goon do anything. I laid hand on the mouse, and it worked. It was probably the 5-minute telnet freeze giving up, but the results were not worth arguing over. Then I wound up hugging a tower to give it power again. Plugging in a monitor. Adjusting someone's volume control. I am getting the reputation that I walk up to it, and it works. The woman whose telnet unfroze so nicely was the same woman who'd been in the booth with the machine that was screeching at an almost inaudible pitch. Wasn't quite as high as the Mosquito ringtone, but damned high and annoying.

Sent out an e-mail about the ACW issue, explaining it such that a non-technical type could dig it, complete with current (annoying) workaround. I am to hope that someone can do something more permanent and less time-consuming about it. Sent out another e-mail about the solitaire thing, as someone showed me how the trick is accomplished. (I'd been hoping for someone to do so, and someone did. Yay, someone.) Tonight's booth-out e-mail covered the computer that was whining; "shrieking like a wounded Nazgul" was how I phrased it. (It was the kind of day where that needed saying.) Sent yet another about the narcoleptic computers.

Lectured the Figment briefly on his submissive tendencies. othercat was greatly amused, especially when he did that duck-and-blush thing that can come off as "cringing". In general, it is wise to evaluate the actual authority of someone or something claiming authority before automatically submitting to it, and people, especially fictional people, have different thresholds for "has authority over me". Cited the "allowing installation of random shit" incident, wherein the Fear of Wrath of Techies was instilled. (When I told Turbo about that, he cheered.)

Figment got pulled to help Sampling today. Sampling has a presentation to prepare for, and she needed someone to collate and generally fix0r things. She's worked with Figment before (he was picked over the allergic bike-lady, she whose general work habits are ... legendary) so he was a natural to be pulled this time. Even though he does not type fast enough or have enough judgement-call-fu to be a monitor, he can still do things like this. He was the one I had in mind when I told Management, "Actually, I do have minions," when she directed me to either get the disk thing done, or have one of my "flunkies" do it for me.
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Geeking Out

The David Bowie's Pants party was tonight. I came late, with cherries. Danielle and her husband came late, with wine. A good time was had by all except for the ailing cable connecting TV and computer. Cats were about and generally catty. There was a good extended-geek-session at the end with me playing the part of silent follow-along-person; it's refreshing for me to be in the middle of geektalk involving other women that features me as the not-so-knowledgeable party.

I'm not a hardware geek, really. I'm a plug-and-play and settings geek. In the golden age of the personal car, I'd have been a perfectly competent tinkerer. ...Speaking of which, I should get my brakes checked. A little bit of squeak says I should.

I'll see if I get up in time to go to work for some disk fun tomorrow. On the one hand, I need a day off, and I'm due to be out of field for a week when July starts. On the other hand, it would be nice. On the gripping hand, I probably won't set my alarm.
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My nemesis: a truck!

Wasn't officially on schedule [Tuesday]. Reminded
Management that the project was only done back in
Sampling because the old Field machines lacked floppy
drives. New field machines have floppy drives. So I am
set up with the disk project out here.

Wednesday: not in either, officially. But I had two
hours to kill, so therefore in here, copying disks. I
don't get to shred them, because the big shredder does
not take disks. But the dude has a service that he
uses for disk destruction, so we will get to bid them
a not-so-fond farewell.

Perhaps the nazgul thing last night was a little over
the top, because I got a private e-mail about it from
Management. I should dig up Wikipedia:Nazgul for her.
At least, I assume a page like that exists.

Leave for writer's group soon.