July 3rd, 2006

Azzgrin, Azure: Lunatic, crazy

*facepalm* (I need to share these with Darkside.)

So after India slammed into Eurasia, it suddenly developed rivers! Collapse )

The noted philosopher claimed that an alien tractor beam had wrested control of his car from him, causing the five-car pile-up. The police determined that it was in fact driver error due to distraction and not paying attention to traffic. Why? Collapse )
Order and Chaos, Escher

Three Day Weekend

I think I've managed to convince him that he won't scare me off. He has not quite yet managed to convince me that I won't scare him off. I'm a far more confident person than I was at the beginning of all this, but I still find myself all whisperquiet around him and his family when I'm not quite sure of myself.

I put stickers on my phone goons' monitor reports, to dress them up a little and make them sparkle if they're good. As one of the four sisters was leaving, I noticed that she was wearing the sticker on her forehead. That made me smile.

Fresh cubed pineapple makes a very good breakfast.

Non-monogrammed Earth equivalents of the butterbug do not make a healthful addition to a good breakfast. Seems that a local had wandered in under the crack in the door, and decided that my computer repair toolkit case (lying under a clutter of papers) made a really great bughouse. When I decided today to declutter some while waiting for mail to load on this thing (Allegra is a steady little computer, but slow), I disrupted it. There was scuttering. There was shrieking. There was marching over to the wastebasket with the toolkit case and doing some firm dumping. Bug went into wastebasket. Screwdriver went into wastebasket. Screwdriver was gingerly fished out. Bag was marched down to the dumpster post-haste, with live butterbug still inside. It will enjoy its new home far more until trash day.

The bag of flour that has been sitting on the counter awaiting putting away like forever? Finally put away. Hooray for Doing Stuff.

Was interrupted by a call from some bill collectors. They were looking for a certain disagreeable ex-roommate who has made himself singularly hard for his creditors to find. I do not think that he was counting on me being very cooperative with the bill collector, looking for his mom's number (I do not have it anymore, alas), and telling the lady what to Google on. And gee, guess what she found? Current contact info.

Moral to this story? Do not piss me off, or I will assist the oncoming Karma. (However, when your presence is a joy to me, I will do my best to bring joy into your life too.)

I am not scheduled back at work until Thursday.
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Housewife's Lament

Theme, dream, scheme

Tired of my LJ theme of roses, space, and insanity. I'll be re-doing my friendspage at some point. There's a newspaper-inspired layout somewhere, and I like the idea of that. Because LJ is my newspaper. I need to filter my flist into thematic lists, because I have a lot of different content on there. I need to have the funny pages (my comic feed subscriptions), science and tech (slashdot and El Reg, plus techsupport), Local Government (LJ-related), World News (BBC world news feed), ... and all sorts of other stuff.

My sixth grade ex-boyfriend has realized at least part of a dream, and is on the staff of one of the local stations back home. I wonder if I'll see his face with that wonderful quirky smile on national TV at some point. Ginger got married. Everyone is growing up. I suppose I have a career or something.

I've been roommateless for over a year. I made a friend an offer of either crash space or something more long-term. (I don't say 'permanent' solely because where Darkside goes, there I aim to follow, for while I can be without him, I prefer to not do so ... and who knows, someday he may ask me a question that I already know my answer to.) We'll see how this plays out.

I went and gave plasma. I was admiring a nice arse in a pair of tight purple bike shorts, when the person attached to the arse turned partly around, and I saw a very familiar, very pink duffel bag! It was V! Buzzkiller as far as the arse-admiring was concerned, but we had a very squeeful moment, and wound up doing our donation a bed apart. We didn't talk over the fellow in between us too much.

I'm engaged in cleaning up the apartment right now, because it will definitely need to be cleaned should I acquire a roommate, and I've been meaning to clean it more thoroughly anyway. The Flylady method is all well and good, and I plan to employ it throughout the evening, in a series of ten-to-fifteen-minute bursts of active cleaning, followed by more happy fun computer time. But tonight and tomorrow and maybe Wednesday are days for heroic cleaning, versus the maintenance stuff that Flylady seems to be about. It's a small studio apartment, and as V said, I have a house's worth of stuff carefully packed in.
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