July 17th, 2006

touch the face of god, High Flight, milky way


Discovery home safe yay.

Couldn't sleep until I checked the NASA website (not to mention blog of favorite strypey rocketgeekboy).
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Not enough hours in my day. I could have stayed with BJ and been desperately unhappy. As it is, I can live happily.
Housewife's Lament

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I like living here. There's the linguistic partial immersion that keeps my brain nice and active. I'm lazy with languages, and don't learn them unless it's easy to. Subtitled Japanese cartoons are great for starting to make word recognition happen! Work is giving me Spanish to work on listening to.

Tonight was a laundry night. I did the rugs, thanks to a Flylady nag. Hooray Flylady! I am also working on decluttering my sock drawer. And my underwear drawer.

The anime where the king of demons gets flushed into another world is not quite pure crack but close. Happiness ensues. I have to pause about every five minutes to do something, but anime = fun.