July 30th, 2006

fangirl, _schools4303

Little bits of my reading life:

Pirate Vindaloo -- elessil and hippediva write Sparrow/Norrington, and write it well.

Captain Savvy's Ten PotC Anti-Sue Commandments

The roomie has a lovely naked anime-boy on her desktop. Nice place to put pinups! I have sandalwood incense, and that makes life good too. I found the battery cover of the little Zen; it had fallen off in the cupholder. (I am defeated by battery covers.) I have attacked the dishes, and put the little random fruit cups in the drawer where they go. (At least fruit cups are a step up over chocolate, as chocolate is far too sugared without the actual fruit in there.)

I came home to a balloon monkey sitting cheerily on my keyboard. Silly redhead!

The keys that you don't give up for your Master. dot_poly_snark makes metaquotes submit.

I think I need to e-mail geekboy with the rocket car and nuclear USB hub. He appreciates the finer things in life, especially where the finer things are the sorts of geek-funny links that I have to pimp out to the friendslist. He still recalls the "Best picture ever, but should I see red-hot components through the smoking hole in the side of the monitor?" tech stupidity story with fondness.

dduane makes roast goose. The fun way.
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