August 2nd, 2006

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nalidoll finds a supplement that helps her deal with fibro! (It might or might not be worth checking out by other friends with chronic pain issues, but it is working very well for her, which is excellent news!)

Guy in a pink hat! (Not beverage-safe for Star Wars fans.)

I need to investigate to see if it is a bug: I thought that when I transferred the "Bujold" tag off the Steady Freddy userpic and onto ingenuity, that I had cut, not copied. It told me that it had picked one at random. It wound up on the right one. I thought that it was off Steady Freddy, actually. I should test.

My cosanguinary dayshift co-worker (we give plasma at the same place) hailed me and wanted to know if there was any truth to the rumor that I had gotten engaged and pregnant. Um, no.

Though I could see how that one could have gotten started. I'd been talking with Trendy Chick's counterpart, and mentioned in context of getting houses and settling down and stuff that there was This Guy who I was courting, and where he goes, I follow, and that he sounded like he would like to settle in the Bay Area, and therefore I would likely wind up there too. So that could have gotten spread very close to All Wrong very fast.

Today was a Serious Conditioning day, as I'd seriously almond oiled my hair last night before the shower (because I had to use the stupid dandruff shampoo, the shampoo that always leaves my hair feeling dry and nasty) and it was so very oiled in the shower that I didn't even have to use my actual conditioner. (Amazing.) So I braided it like that, and in the morning I was still feeling oiled and smoothed. Tonight? Still very much with the almond oil. I'm not sure if I'm going to have to condition tonight either.
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watchen astaunished the blinkenlights

When I venture out of "the cave" (the training room where Snarky Lady has her little office set up) I have been immediately pounced on for a few things:

"What's wrong with my computer?!" -- phone goon
"What's wrong with their computer?!" -- supervisor
"How do I do this on the hours chart?!" -- supervisor
"There's something wrong with my spreadsheet!" -- supervisor, satellite manager

... yeah, they love me.
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The e-mail, the e-mail, oh oh, the e-mail

Signed in to my gmail account for the first time in over a month (it's not my primary account) and found a veritable asston of e-mail. People who I hadn't responded to there: I wasn't ignoring you!
running, bomb tech

Horoscopes, fic, and geeking.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Ocean Dome is a huge indoor beach and water park on an island in Japan. Fabricated to create the ideal seaside conditions, it features artificial white sand and machine-generated waves that are high enough to surf. Air and water temperatures never waver from a comfortable range. There's an amusing irony about the place, though: Less than 1,000 feet away from its metal facade, there's an actual ocean and beach. Does this remind you of any situation in your own life, Gemini? It should. In my opinion, you'd get more enjoyment out of the real thing than the synthetic substitute.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Thanks for being one of the 9.4 million readers who are making 2006 another record-breaking year for Free Will Astrology. The number of people turning to this column for guidance and amusement continues to climb. My Google ranking among astrology sites on the Web is holding steady at sixth in the world. Recently I also received the coveted Nostradamus Lifetime Achievement Award for Prophecy and Divination. Should I therefore ask for more money from everyone who publishes my column? I've decided against that because--surprise!--I'm quite happy with how everything's going. You, on the other hand, should think about raising your rates. Those of us who are born under the sign of Cancer the Crab are in a phase when it makes sense to acknowledge our accomplishments and make sure we're being compensated properly for them.

"Causes and Effects" -- cadhla does it again!

I have obtained a U3 drive, 2 gig. The roomie has obtained a flatscreen monitor. I have re-guessed my AIM password. (It was set the same as a very very variable password, so I had to guess what it was when I set it. This time I guessed right.)