August 3rd, 2006

Housewife's Lament


(from random notecards on the desk)
"My mother hated my best friend Shawn because she thought he was an idiot. Maybe she had a point." (of my high school best friend)
To do: write up the Shawn/ passive voice incidents. (The toaster was set on fire. The telephone was microwaved.)

"I harass you about something, and then you go clean it. ...People might think you're listening to me or something." -- the roomie

So, yeah, I cleaned my desk somewhat. Cleaned out a drawer entirely, sprayed it down, wiped it out, then put stuff that at least partially belonged back inside. Threw out a lot of random cruft. Cleared off cruft by the actual computer.

Now that I found that fic-description, I can probably go ahead and pack up Thalia. Scarlett (the U3 drive) will help me retain my sanity. (As the gods are my witness, I'll never lose settings again!)
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running, bomb tech

Hi, my name is Joe, and I work in a button factory. Not!

I was preparing supper last night when Gregor -- or perhaps it was archy -- came out from under the refrigerator. I have enough insect-cunning in me that I waited until he was clear of the refrigerator before bringing my well-shod foot down in a decisive stamp.

I've struck a blow against literature everywhere.

I know they like places to hide. Unfortunately, I have too many places like that. I'll be working on that. And probably obtaining and deploying some boric acid, as that seems to be the #1 safest substance short of diatomaceous earth, given that when I read up on it, it was explained as working physically rather than biochemically.
nanowrimo2004, Home Movies from the Cutting-Room Floor

Good Wife, Good Con, Good Fic, Good Mojo

Remember the Good Wife's Guide, that doctored piece of quasi-plausible 50s-themed household advice? Well, mom_almighty has updated it. Bonus points for cat.

Have joined coppercon_goers, it being a hastily-thrown-together LJ community for organizational purposes. Must remember to get my pilgrim's ribbons down from the blue net canopy before con-time, pilgrim's ribbons being an essential part of con wear. (In the Bastard's colors, naturally.)

trickofthedark has lovely sensible!Harry sillyfic from two years ago, and the sequel: Dudley's perspective. "What I did on my Summer Holiday", parts 1 and 2. ...I want a part 3, and I can't decide whether I'd prefer to hear from Hermione, Tonks, Lupin, or Snape. Any of those four would be a delight to hear from.

tygerr, there's random good mojo coming your way. The strypey candle I got a while back was behaving badly, so I wound up slurping out the mojo and beaming it in your direction rather than having it burn out, because, candle behaving badly is no fun to babysit.

Missed writing group last night. Generally exhausted. Not fun for the whole family, nope. hcolleen was out of commission, and I collapsed and read quite a bit, and then started in on the housework.

In just a bit I'm headed Out. Hooray meetups for con-compatibility testing!
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phone, cordless phone

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Chilling at IHOP. Have paper journal and nice pen. One of the waitstaff recognized me from work.