August 12th, 2006

grammar bitch

Shirts that fail to be clean

If you've been around teenagers allowed to buy slightly crass T-shirts, you have probably seen the shirts that have a statement that would be considered crass or borderline "unprintable", with an image that takes it from off-color to the literal meaning of the words. For example, "Hey, nice melons!" illustrated with honeydew and cantaloupe.

I recently saw a shirt that utterly failed at this.

Caption: "Guard the family jewels!" Illustration: a squirrel with a pair of acorns.

It could have been a little cartoon king with a pair of gemstones. Or the caption could have been "Protect your nuts!" But the combination failed at plausible deniability. Back to English class. Don't mix your fucking metaphors.
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grin & duck -- friends, grin & duck

RaPUNzel, RaPUNzel, let down your hair!

Called Darkside. Vented about the workplace and the database project. Learned about the fascinating and mighty properties of ctrl+alt+arrow. Engaged in war: I mentioned that when Darkside was in a truly foul mood, I remained very quiet. He commented that if it were that bad, there'd be a lot of ducks about. I replied that I'd be a silly goose to play chicken with him when he was feeling grouchy. War commenced. At a few points, we elicited groans or active screeching from the redhead.

Darkside: "They do say the pun is mightier than the sword."
Lunatic: "Aiiiiiiuuuuugh!"
hcolleen:"If it's making you make those noises, I don't want to hear it!"
Darkside: "But you're taking all the pun out of it!"
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