August 13th, 2006

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To Do:

Find and crack open the most recent copy of the hisssstorical fic (now that I have my Own Damn Computer again)
Test that little exploit at work ;)
Get caught up on The Big Meow
Take another couple ten-minute walks (that is doable on the feet, right?)
Investigate book/author recommendations: the tale of time city; alexander key (author); don callander (author); George R.R. Martin (author; several people telling me I need to read this); Neil Gaiman; james hogan; lawrence watt-evans; roderick townsley "the great good thing"
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Real life's getting more like fiction each day -- Waste Heat, anyone? -- If This Goes On --

Line of the night: "I do not think there is enough room on the internet to address what is wrong with those [idiots]." -- from something the roomie is quoting; hearing the context, I have to agree -- but that observation is stunning in its all-encompassing simplicity and accuracy.

I seem to have figured out the magic combination that allows me to wear nail polish and have it look decent. First, I must varnish either when I have a long time of sitting without touching anything (the sort of restroom trip where you're well-advised to bring a book) or when I'm on the computer doing not a lot of involved typing (because that will lead to scrunching if I type when very wet).

Second, I must keep a jar of nail polish remover with sponge in my shower kit. Why shower? This is because the best way to make me reliably do something is to tie it to my shower routine. This is how I make sure that my face gets swiped down with anti-zit goop, my teeth get brushed on a schedule other than "whenever I think they could use it" (which schedule on neurotypical days is fine, but on fucked-up-depression days Does Not Cut It), and my vitamins and especially allergy medicine and St. John's Wort get in me. (St. John's Wort is one of the things that keeps me from having too many fucked-up depression days, but they still happen, especially if I've skipped or had environmental factors push me towards Feeling Like Shit.)
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The Darkside should (I hope) be home from the birthday party now. He might or might not be coherent for Hanging Out later on. I crashed out about the same time as hcolleen, but didn't sleep as long. That was about five in the afternoon; I stayed out for four hours. I'm getting used to sleeping more, and that's made an enormous impact on my general mood and stuff. On the flip side of that -- if I don't get my sleep like I should, I'm Not Happy.

I have to get my annual physical at the plasma place before I can donate again, and that's a more extended process than just the donation itself. I might have time today for them if they have time for me. (The doctors might not be exactly available for that on Sunday; I don't know.) If I show up around opening time, I should have plenty of time in the morning before Darkside might reasonably attain conversability in the afternoon.

hcolleen and I went shoe-shopping Saturday morning. She works in the airport, see. Epic Miscommunication starring her former roommates (with the burden of communication being upon them, and them Not Doing the Talking) resulted in someone thinking she should be reading their minds and said someone(s) leaving most of her shoes out in what resulted in being rain. Shoes did not survive the process. So she'd been wearing the same pair of shoes to work every day. Now. Airport security being what it is means that she's had to take the shoes off each time going through security. These shoes buckle about the ankle. This is OK once or twice a day. It is not OK several times in the same half-hour. So we went in search of livable, relatively inexpensive slip-ons for her.

We bounced through Journeys, Torrid, Hot Topic, Old Navy, and Payless. Hot Topic does have some cute/fun stuff. By Old Navy, I was starting to limp noticeably. I'd never been in the store before. I saw a pair of interesting-looking shoes, beaded wedge-heeled slippers with ballet-style ribbons, but I somehow didn't think I could get away with this fashion statement at work particularly well.

In Payless, we split up according to shoe size. I saw the cutest pale blue shoes on sale. Then I saw black ones to match, also on sale! Much refreshed, I set off to show her what I'd found. She burst out laughing at me, because, well...
Twins! Twins!
hcolleen and I are able to tell our shoes apart because they're different sizes. She's the one in the size OMG TINY with the anklet. I'm the one in the size 10.

Next up was an exploration of the shop at 35th and Dunlap. Alas, it did not have the tea she was looking for. It did have a scent of fish, rather a lot of random items, two ladies in a loud conversation about the shortcomings of the loud one's workplace, dried mushrooms, TVs tuned to a cheerful dance contest, pretty-shinies in jade, and sake. We left without anything, including tea.

We did lunch after that. Good times were had by all.

(I really do need a "Girly Stuff" icon. Hmm.)
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Alas -- the Darkside hasn't been answering his phone, which means he's either asleep, busy, or not willing to be bothered. (And given how often he's been willing to be bothered lately, I'm hardly offended if that is the case.) Since it's almost 4, I'm thinking that I'm not to be spending time with him today.

As it is, my laundry is all washed and waiting to be put away. The sink is clear of dishes, and while there are probably a hundred more little household tasks that need doing, it's the sort of thing that can wait for another few hours. I'm going to be waiting around for a little longer to see if my roommate wants to come with on the trip that's going to wind up at my bank and perhaps a few more places, but ... nice peaceful Sunday, eh?

A woman out of my past forwards things. I've taken to replying to the bad ones with commentary (usually involving Snopes) and in unconventional ways to some of the best good ones. I break memes for the fun of it; why should I act like people want me to unless there's a reason for me to do so? ("Reason", of course, includes "not getting in too much trouble or making the people around me too uncomfortable". I'm somewhat nonconformist, not stupid.) She's stopped sending me too many of them. Hmm, I wonder why.
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Wasted on domestic management

Roommate still not home. Stupid bank not open on Sunday. Bah, I say. There is a drive-up ATM near home, and I employed that. Couldn't deposit the pennies, of course; alas. If only my timing were better!

Happy Household candle is on. Porch is swept. The fallen grass mat has been nailed up until a replacement can be gotten. The frayed bits have been put at the bottom and hemmed up with staples, so that it won't be shedding or looking particularly tatty. (In fact, unless it falls apart further, a replacement might not be necessary. Go figure.) Folding chair needs nothing; recliner has had the cover moved back to where it's actually covering it. Perhaps I have elastic cords that will be able to hold it all together?

Aha: roommate finally home around 6:45. Yay roommate! Am taking her to work in the morning, because she needs the sleep and I'll be able to get my sleep so long as I go to bed at the sort of reasonable hour that I have to in order to get the sleep. Roommate had a dire bus trip. There was something on the bus that made me look dainty, reeked worse than a person with dreadful bed sores, and urinated on the bus. Very much not a candidate for Mr. Good Grooming 2006. Eww.

I'm looking for the palmtop, now. I've been rooting around in assorted containers of things. I know I saw it a month and a half ago... Meanwhile, I have things sorted better, things shredded that needed shredding long ago, things pulled out of haphazard disarrangement on the Dreadful Green Thing and into better harmony on the dividing shelves, and things off the dining room table and onto the Dreadful Green Thing. (hcolleen, the binders that were in a plastic bag on that table? Up on that shelf on the Dreadful Green Thing that's behind your monitor.)

Last reliably seen, the (newer) palmtop was in one of my very many bags and/or backpacks, with the idea that while there was some Quiet Time at the writers group, I could work on getting the thing installed. Which bag, though, and what became of it after that, are still unknown. It might have been in the makeup-branded bag and fallen out under the up-on-blocks Linux box... I already checked in the two backpacks that I could have put it in, and it wasn't there.

Meanwhile, the Great Grey Tub of Books that was on top of the Random Box of Old Technology is now happily on the dining room table, the boxes of mac & cheese that were in there are on the pantry shelves, and some of the pages of random writing that were in the Box of Old Technology are pulled out of there and are in one of the plastic file-folder boxes that's more suited to holding paper than a great under-bed bin in the dining room area is.

Little by little, the apartment starts making more sense.
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Bedtime for all good Lunatics!

Since Lunatics have to get up in the morning to take redheads to work, Lunatics go to sleep now-ish.

Nice quiet day, mostly at home. When housecleaning means unearthing assorted interesting things and happily making things that I've been meaning to get rid of actually start to go bye-bye, then housecleaning is fun! I've always liked sorting stuff.

Completely missed giving plasma, but that's all right.

Will need to leave early to refuel car before braving the freeways.
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