August 16th, 2006

running, bomb tech

Hooray for work! Plus, random, and quotes.

First, the good news: I have the damn reports in a place where I can near-replicate what the Queen Bee was putting out, in like half the time, and broken down by job.

The bad news: it's still not done, 'cause we want bells and whistles on.

The good news: This stuff ROCKS. We issued a prototype to the people doing workshop today. They were thrilled to pieces. Oh, and I had a meeting with the web guy. We've seen each other's names all over, but this is the first time we've actually met. (He's married. There are pictures of the wife and family in the cubicle.)

Dan Savage tells it like it is to a self-inflicting masochist: Collapse ) OMG. *giggle* *giggle* Death Note fic, Light/L

Collapse )
running, bomb tech

... If you travel fast and you travel light ...

The Tempe Mission Palms Hotel
60 East Fifth Street
Tempe, Arizona 85281
480 894-1400
So I take the 202 to Mill Avenue, and if I hit ASU, I've gone too far.

Must sort through books and see if I've any that I particularly want autographed other than the obvious.

Hooray for Paypal, is what I'm saying.
(Organized, me? It's probably time to start making packing lists, because I like doing that.)
running, bomb tech

Game Plan for Today

At 5pm, I call it a bloody day already, come home, collect the redhead if she's not too ill to go, collect the other redhead, and hit writer's group.

...except I think I want to catch up on sleep, not plasma.